Thursday, February 16, 2012

album review "Seven Chapters in Minor" by SPIRIT DESCENT

"Seven chapters in Minor" is the 2nd album from this german band, a total discovery, cause honestly I didn't hear their debut "Doominion" but that 's certainly something to be repaired, considering this has lead to a deal with the always active Psychedoomelic rds...
Playing in the Melodic Doom Metal category, SPIRIT DESCENT can remind on several points their label mates  EVANGELIST from Poland : basically nothing special invented, but a faultless musical quality and a nice taste for crushing, melodic and epic pieces of Doom.
Where many bands actually mix different forms of slow and heavy musics, there's some that keep applying the same old recipes of classic Doom ,  as a real priesthood, and I feel that's primordial to have this kind of bands coming out, especially when you know that CANDLEMASS will be soon retiring, SOLITUDE AETERNUS and a few others are all pretty irregular in their releases...The danger would be now that no one could take up the torch, with enough possibilities to catch up more than a few hundreds people attention !
If I wrote "basically", that's because the overall is slow, melodic, authentic and often melancholic but SPIRIT DESCENT still dares to introduce some more progressive parts here and there, plus on the other hand some rawer elements eyeing on melodic Heavy/Thrash from the 80's with rare but great high pitched vocals that could nicely remind Johan Lanquist or Anders Engberg (SORCERER); this makes the album more diverse than expected and long songs like "the tragedy of Captain Scott" , "lamentations of the unborn" or "love turned to stone" prove to be extremely catchy and real winners.
Reinforced by a dense and well-balanced production, this album deserves to be discovered  and is another beautiful demonstration that Mark Hegedüs is a talented label-owner devoted to the cause of authentic and true Doom METAL and unearthing great obscure bands for our greatest pleasure !!!
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  1. Thanks for the brilliant review ! :)...Just one thing: The cd is called "Seven Chapters In A Minor", not just....minor....this is quite important ! Cheers and FOLLOW THE PATH OF DOOM ! Andreas Libera (Spirit Descent)