Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Out from Melbourne, ELDRITCH RITES is another serious addition on the list of killer Doom bands from Australia... I discovered their name and sound some weeks ago on a flyer for a gig they're going to give soon with Rote Mare and Dire Fate - for the split Album launch !!! Comprised of Shayne "Doc" Joseph - Guitar and vocals, Adam "Adz" Holmes - Drums  and Trev Scott - Bass , the band has released a rehearsal-demo early this summer which you can listen on their bandcamp !
Despite the average quality of the recording, we've got here 3 songs of some of the darkest Doom Metal you can expect ! But there's already more to get from them, with the long and epic "Institoris" from the EP they gonna soon release... Definitely worth to follow !!! 

From Adelaide, here's LUCIFER'S FALL, a trio consisting in Deceiver (Bass, Guitar, Doomed bellows), The Mother Superior (Guitar, Bass, Stratospheric Falsetto) and Unknown & Unnamed (Drums & Destruction) and playing a very rough Trad' Doom with operatic vocals and obscure Heavy Metal overtones !!!
A song is actually available on their bandcamp while waiting for a complete demo this fall... While the music is pretty classical in its form and execution, if your a fan of Rote Mare, you'll be surprised by some high-pitched Metallic screams delivered awesomely here by Phil Howlett.... I knew the guy had a very complete culture of the Metal from the 80's and a stunning voice in the Doom genre but to hear him shouting at times like King Diamond in Lucifer's Fall is something pretty amazing ! 

Arcane Heavy/Doom Metal from hell, this is what THE WIZAR'D is all about and their new album"Ancient Tome of Arcan Knowledge" (the 3rd one if I'm not wrong) is one of those hidden gems released a few months ago that hasn't already come to our European ears... If you like Pagan Altar, Pentagram and Paul Chain, you need to get this now !!! 
The album is only available on vynil format so far, through Buried by Time and Dust rds but a CD release shall see the light of day this fall...


From Adelaide again, Born For Burning is a one man project created in 2010 by Pahl Hodgson (Johnny Touch/Beyond Mortal Dreams) in the stylings of traditional Doom/Heavy Metal. Originally a side project from his main musical endeavors, BFB first saw the light of day on the internet in 2011. A handfull of songs were written, and in 2012 a three song demo tape entitled "Woeful Souls" was released to a limited run of 100 copies through Sarlacc Productions. Now in 2013, new songs are under construction with plans on releasing a full length album in the near future.



To make it more complete, remember that all ROTE MARE new recordings -from this year- are now available as free downloads on Bandcamp (the package deserves at least a little donation though!!!) Check out those essential releases from Australia's leaders of Doom Metal : "The Hour of Doom" (in my opinion THE best Doom song of the year!), "The Invocation" and "The Kingdom"...

Finally, check out "THE HAND OF DOOM" the best podcast for Doom and related genres on this side of the planet - who just became a blog too !!! 

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