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... Sliding on Kaleidoscopic Cosmic Waves : an Interview with SENDELICA !!!

A time to relax, turn down heavy tunes of doom, forget about preachers of weed and damnation for a while. Today we’ll talk about one of most glorious advances of British cosmic program – here’s psychedelic / space / progressive project Sendelica and it’s silver-bearded navigator Peter Bingham (guitar, electronics). The band has a lot of releases with strange names and the last one is “The Kaleidoscopic Kat And It’s Autoscopic Ego”. Some of you regular readers may ask: What the hell does this mean? Oh, it is a very good question indeed and maybe I’ll ask about it our guest...

Hello sir Peter! Is your world shining bright and spinning round smooth enough?
Kaleidoscopicaly so :)

Sendelica released full-length album “The Satori In Elegance Of The Majestic Stonegazer” in 2012, what did you do during this period?
Well it was a great 12 month period after this CD release, it brought us to the attention of the Italian label Vincebus Eruptum, which led on to them releasing this album on LP in black and glorious purple vinyl. It quickly sold out and the start of a good relationship with a new label.

I’m glad to hear it Peter! And even with more pleasure I would like to hear something new about Sendelica road adventures! I remember how successfully you did that brief tour in snow-covered Russia, did you visit other exotic countries since then?
Early in 2012 we did an Eastern Europe tour. We flew to Finland and did a great opening show in Helsinki before driving through, and doing some great shows, in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia before coming through to Russia for half a dozen shows. A quite grueling tour, was very cold and snowbound, but we had some great shows…… this was the last time Glenda toured with us, due to work commitments, so lots of cool memories. The tour became known as the Lits, Lats, Euros and Rubles tour…. Lol… I had pockets full of strange money.  


This year we have had some big line up changes with Jim Barber on bass and Jack Jackson on drums, so we concentrated on finishing the new album and doing some UK gigs for a change. Already done one great festival show this year as a six piece band (featuring Lord Sealand on Theremin) with dancers at Kozfest.


And right now looking forward to upcoming shows with Vibravoid, The Luck Of Eden Hall and the Pretty Things.

It’s not a secret anymore – Sendelica have new release “The Kaleidoscopic Kat And It’s Autoscopic Ego”; we did an interview or two before that but (with all my respect) I never asked about your albums’ title meanings. So let us clarify only one tiny detail – who is your dealer and where does he find such stunning weed?!
PMSL!!  LOL….. brilliant question Alexs. Well my album titles and song titles have often been a topic of conversation…. I can honestly say that I have no idea where these titles come from….. they just seem to slowly form in my mind as we are working on the album tracks…… quite spooky in some ways, but just seems perfectly natural. The songs often have working titles right up to the end of the recordings, then suddenly their meaning becomes crystal clear, to me, and all is reveled in the eventual song title…..

If I do not err, then there were three artists who did an art-work for “The Kaleidoscopic Kat And It’s Autoscopic Ego”, did Morvenna, Andreas and Jack really work together? And how did you find them?
I discovered Andreas’s (from Sweden) artwork on an art web site just after I had come up with the albums title, he works with manipulating photographic images and had this great cat picture that had been fractulated. I sent him a message but sadly did not hear back from him. In the meantime I approached a painter called Morvenna Richards (from England), who had done a gig poster for Sendelica a few years ago, and we had a long chat about her doing a psychedelic painting for the album sleeve. We looked through some 60’s / 70’s artbooks and she came up with this great idea for the cover. Then just as we were putting the finishing touches to the album artwork Andreas got in touch saying he would love us to use his work. So Jack (graphic designer and Sendelica drummer) combined the two pieces of art into the finished artwork. Viola…. Welsh, English and Swedish magic!!

It’s obvious that such fantastic art-works visualize your sound-scapes perfectly, didn’t you ever think about any classy gift edition of your albums? With more pictures or maybe with Haribo candies as bonus?
Yes indeed!! We released a very limited edition box set for the new album comprising of the new album on cd, dvd of the Sendelica movie ‘The Sendelica Psychedlic Drive In Movie’, a mini kaleidodscope, signed poster, cd of outtakes from the album, piece of my psychedelic smiley face underpants (as worn on stage at Kozfest!!), haribo spacemix sweets and other goodies in a numbered jewelers box!!


I think that you and Colin Consterdine keep your intensions crystal clear considering Sendelica and it’s musical conception, I understand it well at some level of subconscious but I would like to ask you to describe it with some earthly words, will you?
Mind expanding and joyous, we always like to take the listener on a musical journey….. no genre boundaries… we dip into any musical bag we want but always give it a little Sendelica twist.

Peter, did you ever analyze how Sendelica evolve through years? Which phase did you reach with new record and how does this evolution show itself?
Yes, of course… if you remain closeted down one path then it gets boring for both yourself as an artist and also for the fans, the listeners. We have been very lucky in that, right from the start, we have had a fan base that seems to embrace our musical eccentricities. I guess they love that they are never quite sure what the next Sendelica album will sound like… which is a great thing for us….. we have never felt pressure to do the same type of album. So yes it is forever evolving and unfolding….. I think that this is particularly noticeable in this new album which on many levels is probably the most complex album we have recorded to date. We were recording and mixing this opus for over a year, much longer than our previous sessions, and this was the intention right from the start…. to produce a much more focused album. There is a lot of light and shade in this work…. sometimes you have to work hard to strip things down to build them up again. I love the feeling of ‘space’ that we have made in this album, and a certain etheralness underlying all the tracks….. everything flows with a passion and a purpose. Several people have already mentioned that they can hear PIL & Killing Joke influences on tracks like ‘Clever Meat’ and there is certainly a little nod to early Pink Floyd on ‘Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Buddha’. I think this is a very ‘expanded’ Sendelica set..... and we are very, very proud of it......

Did you ever think of playing more simple heavy stuff? Or sabbathian riffs don’t even warm your cosmic soul, don’t they? And hey – how do you like modern musical tendencies – both underground and pop?
I was/am a huge fan of Sabbath, but I have never had a desire to be them!! Or to play like them…. It is just another influence you take in that moulds a little of your artistic vision. There has always tended to be at least one heavy rifer on each of our albums and their is one on Kaleidoscopic Kat in the form of Tinsel Tears, an old track that got a reworking on this album. I listen to lots of music both old and new all the time….. I think there is always great stuff out there to listen too… you just have to look for it….. at the moment I am listening to a lot of Michael Rother, Neu, Daughter, Sigur Ros and The XX……..

Peter, you released albums pretty often, and I remember that you have DVD and Cdr as well, don’t you want to have vinyl edition of some Sendelica work? Band’s conception, art-works and music of course are ideal for that honored format.
Well we have had quite a lot of vinyl out over the years on fruits de mer label….Venus in Furs 7” vinyl single and tracks on ‘Keep Of The Grass’, ‘Roqueting Thru Space’ and more recently one side of the split LP ‘Strangefishone’. BUT, yes I know what you mean….. I always wanted our own albums out on vinyl… to see the artwork in full glory…. with posters and inserts….. the whole tactile thing…. So it was great to link up with the Italian vinyl label Vincebus Eruptum and see our last album out on glorious vinyl.
They will also be releasing Kaleoidoscopic Kat on vinyl in September.

I remember that you record a good jam-session with The Re-Stoned in Moscow which was recorded and released as “Re-Session”, do you keep in touch with your Russian friends and do you plan a kind of such collaboration in future?
Well sadly this turned into a very disappointing project for us. When we were last in Moscow Ilya suggested that two members of Sendelica, Glenda and I, would go into the studio with two members of  Re-Stoned, Ilya and Vasily,  to record some jams with idea of releasing it under the name Re-Send. We all went into the studio with no songs and simply jammed and riffed of each other, very creative day….. we came out of that session with some great material. Sadly Ilya did not think it was very good and did not want to go ahead with the project but suggested that both bands might tinker with a track or two for their own bands releases. We were disappointed and then quite amazed when much of the ‘tinkered’ session surfaced first as a digital download, then a CD release on RAIG and then a vinyl album on Nassoni… all under the name of RE-STONED!!  I assume all the jelly babies and haribo starmixes have gone to a certain individual!! So, lesson learnt…. Beware of musicians offering gifts!! 
On a much happier note, YES, I keep strong ties with many people we met in Russia, including yourself…. along with many fans we met at gigs and also a couple of the guys out of Sound Of Ground (a great Moscow band) and of course Lord Kamille (Grand Astoria) has become a great friend and I have played guitar on a couple of his projects…. I am so pleased for the success that he is finding now as he is not only a very talented musician but a great guy who has worked so hard at his craft.

This question may sound sudden for this interview, but I was thinking about Great Britain today and maybe you can help me to puzzle out that. Do you feel comfortable living in your country? I watch news at shit-TV sometimes, read same news at shit-newsblogs too, it seems that Old Good England is just like very old lady who can’t do anything but grouch and dream about glorious past.
To be honest Aleksey, I think you are right…. but the whole world is going down the fucking plug hole. Does invading countries make ‘super powers’ feel superior??….. certainly gives them more oil… Our own country is going to the dogs as the conservatives wreak havoc once again on our nation, the rich get richer and the poor get more fucked by the day. In Russia you have punk band members in prison as your tip of the iceberg of conservatism…… in the USA we still have the religious right trying to get Darwinism banned from schools, evolution never happened kids!!  In our crazy demand for more fuels we are fracking our countrysides at the peril of causing earthquakes… lol…. Don’t get me started… the whole planet has gone to the dogs….. roll on the next meteorite!!

Yes, you’re totally right and I’ve got your point though I have to explain that Pussy Riot hardly can be named as “punk band” ‘cause they barely could play any instruments. They thought they were “artistic persons” but I guess that not too many people abroad know about their glorious performances – for example when few naked girls (one of them was pregnant) and their partners do sex in museum before people including children. So let us finish this theme with following question - do you see a border between art and senseless kitsch?
I think it often has a very grey area… what is art??, what is punk??  I think in psychedelic music from the sixties to now there has been a lot of theatrics gone hand in hand with the music… from hawkwinds naked dancer Stacia, Arthur Browns fire theatricals, prog rock costume drama to modern day Goats stage outfits….. so when does it become senseless kitsch??  I guess that is in the eyes of the beholder to decide…. We all love different bands and get off on different things…. Lol… nothing stranger than people!! 

Peter how do you keep on holding that positive cosmic waves into Sendelica songs when a whole mortal world as it seems confidently come down? What is a source of that bright psychedelic space shining which penetrate your music and once again was expressed through  “The Kaleidoscopic Kat And It’s Autoscopic Ego” album?
I just love playing and I am surrounded, and get to interact, with some amazing musicians. I try to keep the music exciting for me, try to be challenged to do new things with my guitar playing and writing… if you have joy in what you are doing I think other people will get off on what you are trying to do…. It’s a positive circle…. Everyone feeding off each other in a good way…. Be it the listener or the musician…… one cannot live without the other…..

Let us finish the interview onto this statement! Good luck my cosmic comrade! And let Sendelica prevail! Peter would you like to say something else?

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