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... joint Interview with COSMONAUTS DAY and EndName : «The Iron Satan engine works for the benefits of cosmic program»

Here is the story of two Russian bands. Both of them are from Moscow and both of them walk through different musical paths in the same direction. As EndName go willfully through the mire of post sludgy doom without any vocals, without any remorse, their mates Cosmonauts Day are going further from their doomy post metal sound to deepest and darkest corners of modern underground. Who knows where their roads could meet? Yet the answer is simple: both bands are threaten to Eastern Europe as they're about to tour together in September. Dima CD (Cosmonauts Day) and Mr.EN 1 with Mr.EN 2 (EndName) are here for an interview worth to read. Do not succumb to those tricky tentacles of insanity!

Hi, gang! How are you? What`s up? How are you preparing for your common business?
Dima СD : Hey-ho! Dima from Cosmonauts day is here! My vivacity is in the groove and I am full of resolution. Every time when I come home from just another tour there is the only one  desire — desire to go on the road again. And I`m very glad that we`ve got the chance to leave for  the new tour.
Mr. EN 1 : Hi everyone! Everything is on the top-level! The charge of liveliness come from the 220V power socket with a direct or an alternate success. Now we perform an external coordination policy with post-Iron Curtain Europe using our network of undercover KGB First Chief Directorate`s agents. All members of Fame Money Power Tour are going to rain down their sophisticated and not so much sophisticated musical compositions on the European audience. We practice in the conspiratorial basements and in the bunkers of our Capital. We practice a lot in order to approach the deepest immersion and feel Mother Earth`s call and also to sharpen our skills.

You`ve got 13 announced gigs and the most of them will be in the countries of EU. How hard it was to organize the gig schedule and what do you have to give to your listeners?
Mr. EN 1 : I, as exterior observer of the dialogues with the West, may complain about it. We have been forced to insist on our arrival, compel to help us and threaten Europeans. After that the things look promising. The menace needs everywhere. It`s so strange as we try to do all that we do for welfare of the people.
Mr. EN 2 : I think that it`s not impossible at all in our century of the hellish digital technology and communication. All you need to organize a such tour are laptop and powerful desire. I suppose the listeners will not disappoint by our shows. Definitely. How you may guess commercial part is extremely low and ideological part is vastly high on the current step of our activity. Audience may be sure that they will get a honest and true-hearted shows.

The bands have some news, well, let`s start by alphabetic arrangement from Cosmonauts Day. What has happened with the band members? Who are these people?
Mr. EN 1 : By the way I am in some bewilderment about that too. What`s going on, bro?
Dima СD : Our former drummer Nikita decided to develop as musician in a different genre. Vanya appeared as his replace. He is a veteran of musical underground, his heart beats in unison with rock music and everything what he does he does by his special way. Vanya played  in some bands before - .crrust, Stellar Dust and Steny Lda (Walls of Ice). And I noticed him on the Steny Lda show and invited him to jam. It was clear to everyone that he is the best drummer we have ever play with. Since that we played a lot of shows in Moscow and in the another cities. But when I offered to go to the next tour our bassist preferred to spend his vacation with snowboard. This answer forced me to adopt a radical decision. When I called Vanya with such news he was drinking all night long with Sasha, bass-player of Tombstone Piledriver and also his former bandmate from Steny Lda. He invited her to play with us while they were mixing vodka and energy cocktails. Everything was settled then.


There is new song “Hail The King” on your bandcamp page and it differs from your previous composition from album “Paths of The Restless”. What is the matter for such serious changes?
Mr. EN 1 : It seems like the guys tired to chew their snots beeing in the open space and they decided to re-arranged their stuff to land on the Earth where the Dark Lord waited them. It`s more serious and interesting.
Dima СD : My answer will not sparkle by its freshness. Time moves on, people change so as their music. A half of our line-up changed, now we can more than before. We tried to play something  harder, faster and more brutal than we played before. Well and as the phrase goes “let’s roll!”. After our first release “Paths of the Restless” I decided to give mind wholly to misic and stop to be an office monkey. New life faced me by metaphysical punch on the nose. And I sobered up and I realized that all I want to get I must gain by hard long work and struggle. I guess that there are so much feelings of this struggle in our new songs. We create the track with an endless blastbeat and when I play it I feel how I fight with a crowd of the enemies. At this moment it`s my favorite track from forthcoming second album.

Cosmonauts Day
Cosmonauts Day recorded ''Hail the King'' for the Loud Nation Tour Live Compilation – what is this release and what is its conception?
Dima СD : We went to monthly tour around Russia with Autoscan, Equal Minds Theory, Lucifer in the sky with Diamonds, Kamni (Stones) and Flypaper. Every member-band performed a track which have been live-recorded and made a video for the tour supporting. In addition to the videos on youtube we made a web-release because everyone was satisfied – thanks to professionals from Destroy The Humanity Studios. In my opinion Loud Nation Tour Live Compilation is exclusive release so almost all of that tracks have never been recorded before. All artwork was made by Valdez from This release is available on, you can download it for free or pay some money that is rather important for us. We`ve already get 25$, thanks! By the way except the music you could find many photos from Loud Nation Tour in the archive. Those photos reflect very clear everything that had happened then. 18+

By the way, may we assess tracks that will be on the forthcomming album based on “Hail The King”?
Dima СD : I cannot say that this song is representative but generally our music became darker and angrier. And faster. I`m very curious about the coming result because we have 8-10 tracks which genre varies from post-rock to grindcore.

I remember that EndName tried to play shows very often about one and half years ago and earlier. But what has happened after that? Where you were so long?
Mr. EN 1 : Some personnel replacements happened. Our collaboration contract with Dima from Cosmonauts Day was suddenly canceled by external power and we needed some time to  tame the routine of existence and form the tripole view of the production of our cave music art. It must be noted that it redounded to advantage according our and not our feelings. It became easier to operate the rages of our bulldozer by six arms and six feets. The Iron  Satan engine  works more effective and more convincing. That`s why we had to keep our bulldozer in a garage and we have no possibility to go on the road. We just undertook some raids to the ground from the bunker in order to test our new schemes of the human manipulating.

Sergey, you told me that EndName prepared «the new show with video and light effects». Will the bears with monocycles, acrobats and whores go with you by common tour van?
Mr. EN 2 : The whores? Сertainly! We spent some time designing mathematical video with our video-engineer. It was like generation of the difficult geometrics which are governed by music using the cunning programs. We will show something of the results of our work in the tour. It will be the hard clinical psychedelic in the classical EndName spirit. Be ready for horror.

You have got enough stuff but you`re not going to a studio. Why? What does stop you?
Mr. EN 1 : We should get a external permission and done schemes of the musical creation. The necessity of recording has hanged like a guillotine over our necks for a long time. Some of these tracks ready for recording we`ve composed with Dima. We still have to oil and refuel our machinery and spark! Hope that we will obtain a license for all these things in the end of this year. Outwatch for news!
Mr. EN 2 : No! No! We`ll leave for the studio straight after the tour. it's about time!

May one consider this tour as the return to the active creative work? Or it will be one-time frightening  action?
Mr. EN 1 : This will be a beginning of the new age of developing and creation of the New Mankind. Not so fast of course. The virus will infect brain territory and form the necessity to visit our Black Messes.

What merch are you going to present in the tour? May one wait for the firm Russian matrioshka  and vodka?
Dima СD : We will take ''Path of the Restless'' discs, which we have a few copies - so I advice  all concerned persons to not miss a chance to buy last copies. Also we`ll take those T-shirts, which was designed by  mentioned above art-team Rotten Fantom.
Mr. EN 1 : Since we love so much a woman part of our audience we ordered the exclusive batch of lingerie and accessories. For example there will be the stockings with gorgeous black and red pattern in art-work style of our album ''Antropomachy''. And something else! See your on our show soon!

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