Friday, August 9, 2013

... Worth a few bucks : LIZARD QUEEN / PEKTOP / THE HEAVY CO. / HAIDUK

Born in 2013 LIZARD QUEEN - from Gorizia, Italy - is a Stoner Rock project created by a member of the band DEEP... 
I really recommend you to check out this name your price affair, a nice 8 songs debut Album filled with psyched-out and groove laden Stoner Rock, alternating between hazy and slightly progressive structures with a bluffing cohesiveness !!! 
L.Q. is looking  for an underground label for a collaboration and a stoner/doom band for a split-album... almost everyone reading this will then find a good reason to put an ear on this strange queen  -who's definitely worth the attention and support !                      

PEKTOP is a Belgian band out of Leuven, started up in 2007 by Adriaan De Raymaeker, Ivo Rensen and Steven Eembeek. Coming from different musical backgrounds ranging from thrash to jazz, the music transformed into a mix of slow heavy drone, psychedelic rock and heavy paced riffing. In 2013 the guys were joined by Joachim Van der Auwera on vocals, adding a raw edge to the already heavy riffing! 

Now PEKTOP is about to release the "Black Moonshine" ep (1st press is already sold out!) and tour throughout Holland, Belgium, Germany and Denmark this month... watch out for all details here and give a listen to those infectious purveyors of burning Stoner'n' roll !

"Let’s get a few things straight. This record by The Heavy Co. was never meant to be perfect. The tempos swell and recede, the vocals aren’t necessarily in key all of the time, and you’re going to hear some things buzz, but I can assure sounds exactly how it was supposed to. Originally Midwest Electric was intended to be recorded on an 8 track tape machine, but Murphy’s Law prevails and the damn thing broke right in time for tracking. THC went ahead and took advantage of their digital recording capabilities to the fullest, but underneath the layers of extra tracks is the sound of three guys getting down in a room and jamming like they only got one take at the thing. The other thing is while there is no doubt, like their other “stoner” peers, that a huge part of THC’s sound is a throwback to the classic rock of the late 60’s and early 70’s, it’s a modern rock sound. The idea that their music is “modern” sets THC apart from most “stoner rock” bands. It’s cool if a band relies on the amplifier theatrics of the 70’s (who doesn’t love a loud riff through a wall of amps), but as the guys say, “don’t stop now, there’s no time to cry”. Jimi Hendrix was looking for a “new kind of blues” and The Heavy Co. are giving it their best shot.                                                                                                                                                                                     
Midwest Electric isn’t a stereotypical “stoner rock” record. It could have just as easily have been called “Midwest Eclectic”. First off, there is a country twinge to the whole thing, especially in the subtle twangy drawl that creeps into the vocal delivery. Second, no two songs on the record really sound alike. Midwest Electric moves from a driving hard rock number like The Humboldt County Waltz to the lonesome guitar wail and lament of Neil Young to the spacey drone of Sailing Towards The Setting Sun and the bluesy fuzzed out doom of One Big Drag . The album’s seven songs are unique to themselves but never out of place with each other. THC has meticulously crafted a record that embodies the feelings of isolation, paranoia, and general drudgery of existing in between the rows of corn and how it contrasts with the hopes and dreams that come from the transcendental experiences of those bored “different” souls that reside there inevitably get around to having. That or THC just wanted to write some songs so they could groove out and play some guitar solos. Whatever works for you. Please tune in..."

HAIDUK  is a death metal solo-project by guitarist Luka Milojica. Emerging from the cold forests of Canada, the project came to life with the release of the raw, bone-chilling 8-song demo "plagueswept" in 2010.                        
Aggressive and dark, the sound of Haiduk is a direct channeling of haunting musical ideas from composer to listener, as the conceptualization, writing, and execution of the music is a solitary process. Free from outside influence, the songs lure the listener towards themes of magic, evil, nature and myth.Forging ahead in solitude, HAIDUK unleashed the full-length debut "spellbook" in july 2012; a black-magic conjuring of fast guitars and powerful riff attacks summoning an atmosphere of true darkness !!! 

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