Saturday, December 7, 2013

... conjure the unholy, DM/BM Special with ÆVANGELIST, BONESAW, LVCIFIRE, CULT OF FIRE

Logical or not, I'm getting more and more Death/Black Metal stuff from promo agencies or labels themselves, my origins in the darkest underground come from there and I will never disown this... but obviously where it has become already impossible to post on each Stoner/Doom/Sludge submissions, there's just a few space/time left for Death and Black, this doesn't prevent to recommend sometime a few great pieces worth to put your ears and torment your soul on ! Those are not really reviews (but wait for Steve Miller's review on the amazing Bölzer !) just some promotional comments with eventually a few additional shit from my part - in any cases there's enough to make your opinion and enjoy some more (different) extreme sounds to the glory of the unholy... 

ÆVANGELIST, prophets of an alternate Death Metal…

Many are those who have witnessed in "De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis" - the band’s first full-length release from 2012 - the dawn of a new era of Death Metal. A ground-breaking achievement for the cursed journey that lays ahead, pushing further the barriers of extremity and fear, while delving deeper into the occult.

This second offering establishes ÆVANGELIST at the forefront of the international scene and ventures beyond the path of insanity traversed by its predecessor. "Omen Ex Simulacra" is a horrid mass of suffering, a horrendous form of sonic deformity painfully entwined at the core of long-haunted compositions. A sepulchral work, brutally laced with primal savagery, unleashing inhuman choirs resounding like the Devil’s voice itself.

ÆVANGELIST instils fear, manipulating abomination unlike any other band and plunging its tormented Death Metal into the realms of sheer horror, raising this art high above common musical expression to immerse the listener in an experience of totally terrifying intensity.
"Omen Ex Simulacra" - or the soundtrack to Hell.

Following their first album 'Swatopsy' and a couple of split releases with the mighty Abscess and Haemophagus, 'The Illicit Revue' is the new album of Scotland's amazing answer to Autopsy, I've named BONESAW and their shredding mid-tempos.... For the most part brutally grinding but at times doomy with a vicious and primitive accent, the overall is boiling in some of the filthiest and most cryptic moods composed in UK for a long long time !!! 

1000 copies in 4-panel digipaks with poster lyric insert. Artwork by Dennis Dread (Darkthrone/Autopsy/Abscess etc). Co-released with the fine Unholy Anarchy in the USA. Get it from him if you're closer please! 

After their debut 'The Calling Depths' released two years ago on Pulverised rds (reviewed here) London blackened death metallers LVCIFYRE will release their second full-length album, entitled Svn Eater, on January 21 via Dark Descent Records.  LVCIFYRE signed with Dark Descent for the release of Svn Eater on vinyl, CD and digital formats. Artwork for Svn Eater comes courtesy of Timo Ketola.

Lvcifyre is a flesh of Liberation in Honour of the Ancient...

From the days of Root and Master's Hammer on to Maniac Butcher and Dark Storm and more recently Triumph, Genus and Death Karma, the Czech Republic has long been fertile ground for the blackest of metals. With the release of their Triumvirát debut last year, CULT OF FIRE exploded onto the scene as a new contender well versed in the olden ways. Now, with their second album, मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान, CULT OF FIRE stand poised to drag those Olden Ways into a perversely brighter/darker future. On मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान, the sound is undeniably "black metal" by definition, but CULT OF FIRE shred the rulebook in favor of ancient, arcane texts, speaking in forbidden tongues that dazzle with a certain kaleidoscopic flavor/fervor. Indeed, CULT OF FIRE are aptly named, as their attack encompasses coruscating gnarliness and winding, grinding violence, yet their grasp of dynamics spans a dizzying array of songcrafts, often simmering into melody-infused mysticism and patient, doomed-out excursions: not so much speaking a different language from black metal, but speaking one that's an entirely unique dialect. Grab the torch and head on into mysteries unknown with CULT OF FIRE's मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान ...

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