Sunday, December 1, 2013

... BLACKWITCH PUDDING 'Taste The Pudding' (Album Review)

Paying Homage to the rotten filth from which they were born, Blackwitch Pudding is actually a band of three Wizards. Legend has it, they were raised from a stagnant used puddle of ergot, left by the mysterious Blackwitch, hundreds of years ago. Trained in the dark arts of doom and witchery, these Wizards wander the cosmos in search of nothing, for their path is a simple one.... the riffs must be heavy and the smoke must be heavier. Their debut LP was completely self produced, recorded at Toadhouse Studios (home of Red Fang, Black Pussy, Norska and others) and mixed and mastered by the legendary Billy Anderson...

Including basically 7 songs and available as a name your price affair on Bandcamp, "Taste the Pudding" contains as a whole - with a bonus and their previous demo, 12 tracks of piercing Stoner/Doom; pretty simple in structures and not overusing the impact of weed on its karma (musically and thematically), yet certainly not devoided of feeling and hazy moods...

Drenched in misery and maximum heaviness,  Blackwitch Pudding's style relies in great proportions on lumbering chords ('Shark Commando', 'Tokin Man') with raspy vocals - perfectly consistent with a very uncanny general atmosphere; this permeates psychedelia in a slightly different than usual manner ! Like in the memorable 'Acid Castle Mountain Top', you're floating in unexpected territories where the obscure, the unknown and the transcendental form a fragile balance but if you reach it, the trip is great !!!  

'Super Sluts from Outer Space' and a few accelerations here and there will confirm that the guys can also express some deep feelings through shredding notes but don't expect too much from this, as where the band is best is at its slowest and most ominous pace ! Logically, the interest of the album gets a bit eroded after the end of the 8th song (bonus) when the demo time is coming with a much lower quality in the sound and a style that was seemingly not as gloomy - in any cases there's not much wrong to make this statement after no less than about 48 minutes !!! 

Pudding is not recommended at all for diabetes suckers like me but - fuck, this one makes it beyond any recommendations and definitely this 'Taste the Pudding' reveals B.P. as a nice worthy addition to this very rich scene from Portland beside Boneworm and Mammoth Salmon for the heaviest on my radar.

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