Thursday, December 19, 2013

Reflections of a doomed blogger : chapter final...

(following part I...

Maybe you didn't believe it or just didn't read your local newspaper for a while or simply you already forgot, but this is a fact : Temple of Perdition is about to end; there'll be just one Interview after this special post and then the 2nd part of the BEST OF 2013 (it's better ending on positive notes)... but, yes, it'll be very soon its fucking END...

Of course such an experience is above all marked by positive points that one might easily guess but I'm not only here for this, rather more for a bitter report of facts which could eventually serve for present and potencial future bloggers and contributors, also - that is sure - to relieve a bit of my pain... Probably some people will feel a bit hurted by such thoughts but we're dealing with and between humans, it's no wonderland, just facts and the reflect of my thoughts and somewhat a few problems of our actual society ! 

This said,  I don't wanna incriminate anyone especially, I guess there's never been any serious bad intentions from anyone towards me and the blog, let's say - just some awkwardness; I don't have resentment, just disappointment. This is merely what I feel, I have my own faults of course and always knew in my inner consciousness that this couldn't last a decade or even half of it. I haven't been able to maintain an intact motivation for writing myself - I previously said it, most often writing reviews bores me, my ultimate goal was to continue post daily with competent people to write reviews, leting me concentrate on interviews beside taking care of posting the stuff, managing the facebook page and relations... this failed for several reasons and I can not stand the idea of making things half and too sporadically, while more and more bands and labels are sending submissions and waiting for their turn... it's better to stop there, be honest with everyone, most importantly the artists that place trust on you. 

Time is so precious that I'm not in here to have more additional stress than what normal fucking life brings me yet...  I haven't succeeded to create a team spirit and/or a guiding identity to implicate steadily or better increasingly (enough) people through time...I've been often too kind, too naïve, not enough opportunist and (positively) aggressive, not enough selfish, too idealistic and tortured too in what may sound like stupid reflections when it's not your "game" ... 
but shit, I enjoyed it so much - thanx to you bands !!! I've been proud to help a bit spread the word and good vibes, to host stellar reviews (from comrades), to be sometimes the 1st to interview, to be the 1st to write on a couple of stunning US bands in Europe, to be the 1st to give a good exposure to another french or european one in the States, to help revealing or confirming some true talents for writing, to help revealing true musical talents to those writers, etc... thanx, really !

Find it sarcastic, pathetic, worthless or completely opposite to your own experience or vision of it, that's your right but  if you intend to start a blog or are wondering about its development, let me tell ya a few things that could help ya, ok ?

- Of course it requires time but, when you can pretend to it, try to have exclusive streaming of bands new materials... sell the word "exclusive" as a junkie bitch sells her ass for next fix; apparently, just one song will work much much better than all details to find out about a new album in a too fucking loooonnng to read interview...

If you want to have quick attention from a fair amount of people, do not make things too quickly with the newest cool underground bands... let other obscure blogs do the job before, wait that the name gets known around, people become really curious about a new sensation just before it becomes "trendy"...

- If someone tells you "we're not internet, we're lazy and don't have time, but man we'll do it" after receiving an interview, that's not a good sign at all ! generally if you don't get the answers back after 2 or 3 weeks, the best is to forget about it and prepare a new one...

-if you meet someone that didn't answer a 1st interview (despite his promise) and the guys says "oh sorry man, now that's ok, I owe you those questions, come on send an updated intie!", then beware again...

- avoid interviews with bands that don't master their communication anymore but are subjected to their label's doubtful policy... some do find ridiculous pretext not to share their own words like "me and my singer made too similar answers"... coudln't imagine this from those guys - after good relations since quite some time !!! it's been rare but a couple of other bands who answered interviews also did not share anything, even just a thanx, maybe they thought this would be posted on Doommantia ...!?

- Remember, you may have to become a junkie bitch ! time for your new fix... so if possible be a good servant of thy big labels,... share their links and those dozens generic mails from major promo agencies that lazy ones rely on, that's what will help people to come on your facebook page and probably gain their attention !

- do never give more than one band at a time to review for a contributor, especially if he asks for 3 or more at the same time from your list of submissions, you'll easily get one or two download codes buried and in the end get a review after four or five weeks and a reminder...make sure to fix delays to respect (reasonnable of course) when you submit stuff to contributors, one exception or a clarification of a temporary unavailability can be obviously accepted but don't let this person do things without following a few elementary rules, otherwise make sure to not count on him and in the end loose your time and a bit of credibility towards bands or labels.

- consider that some contributor may not help any second to promote the blog! if you kindly ask him, he will eventually share his review/interview on his page and send it to the band (in case he's submited his own stuff) but always keep an eye on this to make sure this happens...

- Do never forget the risk that a contributor may be there for a lot more personal ambitions than what you may think...

- don't be surprised if a band which is mentioned advantageously in your Best of list(s) of the year  totally ignores this but prefers to value its 44th position in Stereoshit or Metalgum... 

- Do not think that blogging and having good fun with people you dig the music and art will prevent you from human deceptions... this is again a minority but you'll have to face the sudden disappearance of a few supposed friends when they don't need you anymore or just because you didn't like their new album as much as the previous one ! 

- One good thing to implement is to find one or two guys in your team who do(es) his or their stuff independantly of any submissions you get (I'm still not convinced about that but maybe are those guys totally right with this vision ?!), but be attentive to find a good balance in that, just as between interviews and reviews... 

- keep always in mind that the bigger blogs will do their best to overshadow yours, it's much better to deal and share with small rats of your category... but beware of those who could become predators after a while !

- If one day you decide to stop your blog, don't be too much surprised to see that a contributor could have already crossed the street for the neighbored concurrency, almost before you'll have officialized your announcement...

Fuck, some shit sounds a lot like in real life indeed !!! Probably I'm not a good profiler as I've lived all those situations here and there, and I certainly forgot a few good ones but ... you'll see by yourself dude!!! 
luckily, again, most of the bands and contributors have been loyal and pleasant to deal with, but the blog arrived at a point where more needed to be done, while little by little less was effectively done... I was not gonna wait ages to get the problem sorted out, always looking for some more new contributors is tiring and often disappointing in the end, expecting more from people who already seem to do their best  or simply don't have the same vision of blogging ??? shit, no, sorry, not anymore...

There's always good things to take from the negative ones, I'll try to learn out from this all for further adventures... Now, you, potencial blogger, cumfortably installed in front of your screen, I'd advise to play your game alone if you can... I wish all the guys who nicely succeed to do it alone to keep their flame burning, may they be blessed for their immense work and remain preserved to avoid supplementary false promises and deceived hopes than what they already have to face with their own responsabilities !!! to them and also to all those who have enough charisma, strength and talent to lead a team, I would simply say "hats off" and keep the doomin' support going on !  (SLS)

As said above, next post will include the last interview ever on T.o.P. ... with EGYPT !!! ( watch out for it later today)


  1. Sorry to see you go man, in the last two years I have been following you I have discovered some great new bands and enjoyed the interviews but if it is fucking you off, take the break before it makes you hate the sound of new music. I do my blog myself for a lot of your reasons above but sometimes cannot stand to get another generic album to listen to and just shut down for a week, listening to the bands I love without having to think of how to describe it.

    Do what ya gotta do,



  2. sorry to hear that you're stopping Stéphane, I enjoyed your blog. and especially the great interviews (I'd like to see more blogs doing interviews..and i'd like to be able to post more interviews myself on Blasting days..).

    as you recognise yourself in your conclusion I think a lot of the problems you mention are linked with the fact that you tried to run a "big" blog, with a team of contributors,trying to review every submissions, etc..

    I do my blog on my own, post when I want and when I have the time (still manage to post something like between 8 or 15 posts in a month), I just post about records I really like and choose, don't especially try to review stuff people or labels send me (if i really like it I review it that's all, I do it on my spare time, I don't owe nothing to anybody).
    of course my blog is growing really slowly, but that's fine with me, I have no plan of becoming one of the biggest blog, I just do it for my pleasure and to give back a bit to the bands I take pleasure to listen to..that's all..

    I think if you just carry on on your own, just doing what you like the best, interviews and maybe a few reviews of the records you like he best, then it would be cool. i'd say in blogging less is often more, less posting but a selection of the bands you likes the best..
    but that's just my opinion..

    thank you for the cool interviews and reviews you gave us to read with TOP.

  3. Not very good year-end news for the heavy underground music scene. I definitely have records in my collection that I wouldn't if it wasn't for you. I'll definitely miss you. I didn't 'like' that fb status becuase I don't like it - plain and simple - but I do feel your frustration regarding blogs & the scene in general. I've contributed to several & it goes both ways, believe me. Egos, Jealousy, Condescending attitudes. Backstabbing. It's all there plus a lot more. There are a few genuinely good people out there, however. People like you. Best of luck to you Steph!

  4. Thank you so much for you continued support Steph, very sorry that you are closing shop. I for one am proud and honored to be mentioned onTemple Of Perdition many times. Curse the Son thanks you, and I hope we can stay in contact.

  5. Very bummed to hear this news. You were one of the very first blogs to give our band any attention, and we haven't forgotten it. All the best to you moving forward.

  6. Steph,
    Really sorry to hear/read that you are closing up shop. I totally understand your frustrations and struggles with balancing all this with real life, etc... It is very hard to keep up on a consistent basis, since we aren't making any money off it, ya gotta enjoy it! If you have, in fact, lost that sense of joy, then you are making the right decision, no matter how disappointing that may be. Who knows, maybe you'll pop again in some new capacity, or find a new way to spread your love for the slow, downtuned, stoney grooves! Please keep in touch in the meantime! Finally, I must thank you for all you've done for me and my projects. You were one of the first of the doom-blogoshere to feature Geezer, the first interview, and also have been a great supporter of the Electric Beard Of Doom! I've enjoyed reading about other bands as well and have always respected your taste, you have a knack for finding the needle in the haystack. Thanks again for all you've done, all the best to you and your family, and please don't be a stranger!