Wednesday, May 4, 2011


After a few years of silence, this great american doom band prepares a very awaited comeback... ORODRUIN has been pretty active between 2002 and 2005, releasing a memorable debut with "epicurean mass", soon followed by a split with Reverend Bizarre and a bit later by a Dvd. To be ranged in the category of trad melodic doom (influenced by Cathedral, Candlemass and St Vitus), the guys affirmed themselves as being one of the most interesting american new doom band. But then came silence...during the past years two of the  3 original members have been quite busy with their other band BLIZARO (horror doom.) But in march this year, the band (joined by a 2nd guitarist, who used to be a former member back to the demos period) finally entered the studio again, very good news for sure !!! Some new songs are "dark rune", "letter of life's regret" and "into the hands of darkness". The album should be out within a few months and I'm convinced that it's gonna be a masterpiece not to be missed.The band played regularly gigs over the last months with Argus, The Gates Of Slumber (Karl Simon is one of Orodruin's biggest fan !), etc... and one of the next show will be at "days of the doomed fest" which is gonna be certainly the best doom fest in the US this year !

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