Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BLOOD FARMERS - 2011 : THE comeback ! -

With  their recent (1st) successful european tour , BLOOD FARMERS have proved, if necessary, that its cult reputation was not overused at all. One of my main regret about Roadburn was to have seen them just 35 minutes, which have been  a too short happiness, but for sure (or at least logically) we won't have to wait 16 years more until they come back in Europe !!! During their both Roadburn's shows (on thursday + for the afterburner on sunday), among their numerous classics, they have played a killer new song called "thousand yard stare" that you can hear and watch on the video below ! Let's cross fingers for an album to come, cause this song prefigures something huge ! While waiting for this, a split 12' ep with SOLLUBY will be soon released on Land o' smiles rds (exclusive vynil and tape label, who alreday released eps from Rwake, Solace, Earthride..). I coudldn't find  "a bullet in my head" (my fave song from them) played at Roadburn on Youtube, so I've also posted  "behind the brown door" which is still one of their most memorable anthems.... Enjoy this outstanding trad doom band with one of the very best guitarist of the genre...!!!


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