Monday, May 2, 2011


I've yet posted some lines about Disembowelment and Winter, it's now time for another old classic band, but this one's far more under-rated : ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE. It's not that they're boring or unoriginal, it's more that  they came ouf after Autopsy and just don't have created a kind of new style like both bands above.
This 4 piece american band released a cultish masterpiece in 1992 on Deaf Rds (sublabel from Peaceville); "deceased" contains 10 songs for 45 minutes of sickened death metal. Don't expect here fast grinding stuff but rather slow to mid tempos, brutal, catchy and haunting at the same time. It reminds mainly  Autopsy indeed, but Viogression and early Obituary, meanwhile I don't see anything which could sound like any european band from this era, which is enough rare to be mentioned ! You cocksucker who dig early 90's death metal, if this name meant nothing to you until today, you now have a few songs on youtube to be definitely convinced that A.S deserves your attention ;)

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