Thursday, May 26, 2011


Here's a totally new band from Wales (UK) whose name should be soon revealed far more largely to the whole underground. The song "sands of time" is actually the only studio recorded stuff they have to propose but what a hell of a metal song !!!! There's other great (live) material to listen on youtube, but just this one helps to identify a very skilled musicianship and a true personality emerging. Despite its name, the style of this band is not exactly doom, netiher sludge or stoner or thrash... a mix of all ? difficult to precise, I would say this is simply pure down-tempo METAL, heavy and loud with bright and harmonious guitars,  catchy raw vocals and a massive rythmic. Early june, the 5 piece will record five songs for a mini-album to be released certainly by the end of summer... As for now, give a listen to "sands of time" and enjoy D.C. ! 

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  1. Thanks for the Review anyone interested we have a
    page on face book that will give the latest news ect on the band also when the ep is done there will be a few freebies sent out to some people on that page. Thanks for your support Kev