Saturday, May 7, 2011


HUATA from Rennes offers a very solid stoner doom in the vein of Electric Wizard  with a very occult edge. Their first album "atavist of man", out soon on Throatruiner and Boue rds, should not be just "another release" eventually to check out but certainly a masterpiece of extremely heavy and hypnotic stuff. This band has recently opened for two of their major influences : ELECTRIC WIZARD and RAMESSES, as well as for COUGH; let me tell you that the headliners had to be at their best after their performances and I'm sure this is just a beginning... With BARABBAS, another very promising french doom band, you'll read about  them here very soon, HUATA awakes more than a bit the french doom scene which has a few great bands but isn"t enough dynamic; we'll speak about that and other interesting things  for sure when I have an interview with Ronan "carcinos" (vocals) soon after the release.

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