Thursday, May 26, 2011


Formed in 2003 around JD Williams on vocals (ex Internal Void) and Kyle VanSteinburg on guitars (Earthride), this 5 piece Maryland based doom band recorded its first album "tribal eulogy" three years later but due to unfulfilled contacts with 2 labels and various problems, this one has been only released last year by the spanish label Blood and Iron Records... Considering the quality of the product, the first thing that comes to mind is that such a long waiting is very surprising, but well it's out now and deserves your total attention. "Maryland, Internal Void, Earthride"... three names that make you easily guess that we are dealing here with a  heavy rockin' doom band of the highest order but also to whom the band's sound is accurate (we could add The Obsessed though), just enriched by a few crushing 80's early Celtic Frost overtones (they cover "procreation of the wicked" live)  and 70's hard rock for the catchiness of some memorable leads. A very skilled musicianship for a guaranted 100% fuckin' pleasure ! An interview will follow this summer, just enough time for you to familiarize with this great release... 

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  1. War Injun \m/ soo cool, cant wait to see live! MsSabbath