Thursday, May 26, 2011


W.B. is a new Stockholm-based project with Chritus on vocals (ex St vitus and Count Raven, actually Lord Vicar)... and this is just more than potentially interesting !!! I strongly recommend you to listen to the recently uploaded 2 demo tracks "Hammer and the Cross" and "King One." on their myspace. You'll quickly recognize one of the most beautiful voice of today's doom scene, not as mournful as in Lord Vicar, Chritus is perfectly in tune with a raw and unrelenting trad doom; except an interesting spacey psychedelic part in "king one", the general tempo is quite removed, solid and heavy  but no complex nor epic riffing, just nice true sabbathian crushing guitars. Sure only 2 songs is a bit short and can leave you a bit on your hunger, but remember this is (top quality) doom, so that's still about 15 minutes long in all, he he ! This should be largely enough to catch some labels attention and lead to a full-lenght album  pretty soon...


  1. Those two songs are brilliant,full of magic and oh so heavy
    Ya,im hungry for more WEEKEND BEAST!!