Friday, May 27, 2011


Currently being hailed by everyone who has heard and/or seen them live as the best new band in Ireland, here is W.O.F.M.. This five piece is - like quite many other bands these days -  delivering a retro 70's heavy rock, but don't think they jumped in the "trendy" wagon, because they're not similar to the genre of Ghost or The Devil's Blood, neither Blood Ceremony or Jex Thoth, no occult imagery or cliche here, just a powerful music, fair, positively catchy and natural,  and if I really have to compare them to any actual band, I think Graveyard would be more appropriated... Maybe not as bluesy as the swedish, the music is still strongly 70's heavy rock influenced, Led Zeppelin and the local irish legends Thin Lizzy  first come to mind, but a few parts could sound like an unlikely Electric Wizard, delivered from the occult forces and flourished à la sauce psychedelic 70's !!! Filled with warm and charismatic vocals, fuzzy and frenetic guitars, their music drips with authenticity and feeling. Their demo-ep which contains "sonic war" and "dollar hips" can be downloaded for free, so now please you got nothing more to do than going immediately here :

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  1. Currently unreleased demo of Onwards Towards the Sun by Wizards of Firetop Mountain.

    Light 'em if ya got 'em and come join us on our astral journey towards the sun!!