Tuesday, May 10, 2011

UZALA - doomed despair -

It's kind of hard for me to try and succeed to limit my enthusiasm towards new bands I present here... I do NOT want to give the impression that I always think that the bands I feature here are all the best newcomers you could ever imagine; but on the other hand, for the moment at least , one thing  sure is that I'll never present here bands that I don't like !!!
UZALA comes from the state of Idaho in the USA and should be, nothing else, than your next female singing doom band sensation !!!  The band was  formed in 2009 by Darcy Nutt (voc/guit), Chad Remains (guit/voc), joined by Mirce (bass) and Stephen Gere (drums, also in Atriarch). Their demo "plague" consists in 4 songs for just about 20 minutes. The vocals of Darcy (also a wellknown tatto artist) reminds me my two faves of the genre  -Jex Thoth and Alia O'Brien- but the music is generally a lot slower and more direct than Blood Ceremony, more closed to J.T.  with a darker emphasis and a pronounced like for sorrowful majestic atmospheres. There's also a song, "fracture", which is very different from the other, with Chad on vocals, a lot more raw and metal,a song that could have been included in Celtic Frost's "pandemonium" !!!  it's maybe a bit too different from the rest, but I'm sure the band can also developp on this side, being perhaps more cohesive with the rest if mixed vocals were applied. Anyway, UZALA, very logically,  has some great plans for the second part of the year, judge by yourselves : 
- first full length actually recorded with Blake Green from WOLVSERPENT/PussyGutt/Aelter manning the boards; it'll contain 9 songs and will be released by the mighty At War With False Noise records on vinyl and Witch Sermon Tapes on cassette in Autumn 2011.
- Possible split 7" with PALLBEARER and another split 7" with MALA SUERTE this year as well.
The demo is available through AWWFN and 20 Buck Spin in very limited quantities (if they have any left...)
Now, do yourself a favour and support them, no regret guaranteed...

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  1. sounds cool. I'll have to check these dudes and dudette out for sure.