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1st half of 2011's POLL

 In order to achieve a first point on this very prolific year 2011, here's a poll I did this week with about twenty people invested in one way or another in the obscure underground circuit of DOOM (musicians, editors, etc...). There's no special conclusion like "and the winner is ...", it's just a picture of everyone's tastes at this precise moment and the only thing, in my opinion, which the results show, is that the musical diversity of this style (and its sub-genres) has never been so rich... Thanx to all of you who have "played the game", if there's any straggler who want to participate, then send me your answers quickly and I'll update the topic... Cheers !

* Marilena Moroni (Italia, contributor for Doommantia)
                                                                                                                                                              Aaah... so few choices for a super prolific year...
   Well here are my answers :

  - 3 best albums for 2011 (random order)
    Witch Mountain - south of Salem
     Ice Dragon - the sorrowful sun   
     Sigiirya - return to earth

 - best live performance : Red Fang

 - best new band : Slabdragger

* Walter (Holland, Roadburn crew)

  - best albums :
    40 Watt Sun - the inside room
    Saturnalia Temple - aion of drakon 
    Loss - despond

 - best live performance : 
    Woven Hand - Roadburn 2011-

 - best new band : Year of the Goat

* Laurent Lignon
(France, contributor for Metallian mag and Doom

 - best albums :
   Pentagram - last rites
   Ava Inferi - onyx
   Children of Doom - doom, be doomed or fuck off

 - best live performance :
   ex aequo Church of Misery and Goatsnake at  Hellfest

 - best new band : Barabbas

* Vania Vossifova (Bulgaria, underground activist, sweet little  guru !)
 - best albums :
   Red Fang - murder the mountains
   Graveyard - hisingen blues
   Hijos de Mayo - in sound underground   

 - best live performance : I've only been to two significient
   events this year but if I have to choose beteween
    Paco de Lucia and Kyuss Lives ! - the second one :)
 - best new band : not sure what you mean by new
  but Swan Messiah. Though the debut album is from 2010,
  I discovered them this year.

* Olv' -unholy smoke- (France, editor of the awesome
  Foedus Aeternus Zine)

Yo Steph !

- best albums :
  Negative Plane "stained glass revelations"
  Bloody Sign "chaos echoes"
  Stargazer " a great work of ages"
- best live performance : Any...
- best new band : Attacker Bloody Axe -antichristian metal axe

 Bye, bye !

 * Dean Tavernier (Usa, vox&guit in Stone Magnum)

 - best albums
   The Gates of Slumber "the wretch"   
   Pentagram "last rites"
   Autopsy "macabre eternal"

- best live performance : Scythe "Chicago debut performance"

- best new band : Carmelized

* Carcinos (France, vox in Huata)

 - 3 best albums : only two
  Dopethrone - dark foil
  Barabbas -s/t-

- best live performance(s) :
  Weedeater at Roadburn, Ghost and Clutch at Hellfest
- best new band : Ghost !


* Vesa Karpinnen (Finland, bass in Fall of the Idols)

 - best albums :
    Hell "human remains"
    Pentagram "last rites"
                                                                                                             - best live performance : Pentagram -Helsinki, April 2011-
- best new band : The Wounded Kings

* Jonhaton Rossi (Usa, vox&guit in Pilgrim)

- best albums
  Burzum "fallen"
  Ice Dragon "the sorrowful sun"
  Faces of Bayon "heart of fire"

- best live performance : The Melvins - Boston Mass (june 2011)

- best new band : Ice Dragon

* Bertrand "baphomet" Marchal 
  (Belgium, 's boss) 
   - best albums :
     Ixion "to the void"
     The wreck of the Hesperus "light rotting out"
     Barabbas "s/t" 

  - best live performance : /

 - best new band : Barabbas 

* Ron Rochondo (USA, vox in Ice Dragon)

 - 3 best albums :
   Sunsmasher - mammothian/loud/cult
   Heliotropes - ribbons 7''
   Hexvessel - dawnbearer

  - best live performance : Pilgrim @ church in Boston

 - best new band : Monolithian 

Oliver Richling (Germany, Church Within rds)

  - best album : Orchid "capricorn" 

 - best live performance : Blood Farmers (it was about time !)

- best new band : Serpent Venom 

* Maurizio Fromentin (Italia, underground activist)

  - best albums :
   Orthodox "baal"
   Black Oath "the 3rd aeon"
   Necro Christos "doom from the occult"

 - best live performance : Black Oath
 - best new band : Serpent Venom

* Kimi Kärki (Finland - Guit. in Lord Vicar and Orne)

- 3 best albums :
  Sigiriya "return to earth"
  The Gates of Slmuber "the wretch"
  Pentagram "last rites"

 - best live performance : Pentagram @ Helsinki
 - best new band : Sigiriya

   * Rodolphe Beuchet (France, vox in Barabbas)                              
 - 3 best albums :

 - best live performance(s) :
   Carlton Melton -Combustibles, Paris -
   Ghost and Electric Wizard @ Hellfest

- best new band : Huata

   * Lasse Pyykkö (Finland, Guit. in Hooded Menace)

 - 3 best albums :
   Necros Christos "doom of the occult"
   Autopsy "macabre eternal"
   Negative Plane "stained glass revelations"

 - best live performance : Candlemass @ Roadburn
 - best new band : Horse Latitudes

* Pierre François
  (french globe-trotter, actually in Holland, bass in Atolah)

 - 3 best albums (so far)
   Weedeater "jason the dragon"                      
   Ramesses "possessed by the rise of magik"
   Pentagram "last rites"

 - best live performance : Acid King -Paris 04/11 -

- best new band : Morast

* Jason Mc Cash (USA, bass in The Gates of Slumber)

- best albums : I'm drawing a blank...
- best live performance : Sabbath Assembly @ Roadburn
- best new band : Yet So Far (well I haven't heard them yet, but with this line-up how could it not be amazing ?! - line up from Revelation's "yet so far" album)

* Mike Schwer (Germany, high end Bass in Lusca)

 - 3 best albums :
   40 Watt Sun "the inside room"
   Primordial "redemtion at the puritan's hand"
   A Storm of Light "valley of death"

 - best live performance :
  Caspar Brötzmann Massaker @ Roadburn

- best new band : 40 Watt Sun
* Alessandro Drughito Santori (Italia, guit. in L'Ira del Bacano)

  3 best albums :
  Doomraiser "mountain of madness"
  Graveyard "hisingen blues"
  Orchid "capricorn"

  Best live performance : Yawning Man -Rome-
  Best new band : none

* Stéphane Le Saux (France, just myfuckingself)

- best albums :
  The Gates Of Slumber "the wretch"
  Blood Ceremony "living with the ancients"
  Ice Dragon "the sorrowful sun"

- best live performance : Candlemass -special "epicus..." 25th anniversary show at Roadburn 2011-

- best new band : Barabbas and Stone Magnum

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