Sunday, July 10, 2011


From Rhode Island (USA), PILGRIM's a trio which has released a 2 songs ep that you really should give an ear to on bandcamp where the stuff can be dowloaded for free.
No need of several minutes of listening to point the style and identity, from the first seconds of  "the forsaken man" you feel completely crushed by their sound,  heavy, raw, massive, with particularly a compressor rythmic (almost sounding like a sludge mammoth) and gloomy, repetitive riffs. Without sounding too basic or generic PILGRIM's music is not full of complex structures, this would more sound like great traditionnal doom, not the one with melodies and lyrical omnipresence but rather the vein full of oppressive catchiness and hypnotic epic parts. I don't like to always put names as influences or references but some Saint Vitus, Reverend Bizarre or Pagan Altar albums have certainly had an importance in these guys musical education, this is pretty well digested for these two songs but as a full-lenght the album gotta show a bit more development and originality, which I'm sure will come naturally... Helped by a year of hard practising and many gigs (in NY especially) with bands like Faces Of Bayon, Naam, Natur, Nightlore, etc... they will record this 1st album in August for Poison Tongue Rds (Metal Blade sub-label run by Alan from Primordial) ... And finally another good reason to awake your interest for PILGRIM is that these guys are closed friends with ICE DRAGON which obviously can only be a fair proof of authenticity and quality !!!

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