Friday, July 1, 2011


Disappointed by MORBID ANGEL's new album ?
Looking for something in the vein of "altars of madness" ? yeah, I know, twenty years after, often imitated never equaled...  but this time VENENUM's first release certainly comes close very seriously !!!
Formed by ex-members of the godly Excoriate, this german band is (in my opinion) one of the 3 greatest hopes of tomorrow's european death metal scene with Grave Miasma and  Necros Christos. Their style being indeed pretty much in the vein of Morbid Angel's early days, you easily guess that I'm speaking here about TRUE death metal, dark, extremely heavy, making your ears bleed with pounding rythmics, devilish breaks and infernal mid-tempos, nothing to do with melo-shit !!!  If their demo released by Sepulchral Voice rds (at 222 copies) was sold out jsut a few days after the date release, this is absolutely not a curious coincidence, fortunately vynil and CD versions should be soon available for the latecomers :)

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