Tuesday, July 19, 2011


What is amazing with the american doom scene is that you just have to look on a big festival's poster (like "doom in june", "days of the doomed"  or presently "stoner hands of doom") and you'll quickly discover at least a  semi-dozen of interesting new names ! Well, new is maybe not the most exact term as this five piece from Richmond (VA) formed in 2008, emerging and promising would fit better at the moment... Their "practice space" demo presents 3 songs (all listenable on their myspace) of some very interesting vintage doom with  noticeable  hints of sludge which contribute to make them sound pretty different from the current mass...
Female vocals performed by Dorthia Cottrell are naturally an essential element in their identity, not far the best of the genre in terms of quality and melody (Jex Thoth, Alia o'Brien...), they are sounding a bit different, sometimes close to a louder and gloomier adaptation of Lori's Acid King type of singing. While the mesmerising guitars create some very deep and spooky atmospheres, reminding me Cough at times, the massive rythmic is sometimes eying on sludge creating some more crude and sick feelings. Three songs is clearly not enough to fulfill the ritual, so more is expected quickly please ! Without any precise elements, their FB page says that first album should be out before the end of the year...
While waiting, some great live recordings can be heard on youtube, here's one from their most recent show (with Earthride) :

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