Monday, July 11, 2011


LUSCA is a german duo consisting in two Bassists (Mike and Ingrid) with a drum-machine + samples... You've easily guessed that we don't speak here about traditional doom or any kind of band usually featured in T.O.P. ; but rules are made to be broken and LUSCA can be a very valuable exception. Indeed, their very personnal style takes influences in industrial and harsh post rock stuff mainly, with frequent drone and sludge/doom hints. Their new album "exodus", presents 7 songs lasting a bit more than an hour for  a deeply apocalyptic journey, cold, sometimes repetitive -but not boring at all-, sometimes more subtle and airy. Forget any guitar sounds, just rythmics with exteme heaviness, unhealthy mid-tempos and then imagine Godflesh meets Swans meets Winter (certainly this last one which made the difference for me, between having a small interest and a real affirmed interest  for this band)... and you've got now the (nice) picture !                                                                                                There's just an exception with the musical set-up, indeed the title tack "exodus" features guitarist K. Robin, I wouldn't dare to say that this song represent the way to follow in the future, it's just that it gives more richness, variety and emotions to this song of 16 minutes and is a perfect one to close the album. One more  important thing to be noticed is the work by James Plotkin (this guy was guitarist for the legends OLD twenty years ago, in Scorn too and has worked for Sunn o))), Pelican, Isis...) for the final mix and mastering, which is, even if I'm not too familiarized with this different type of sound, a real additionnal guarantee for the unquestionable credibility of LUSCA. Finally, you should hurry up ordering the 1st edition of "exodus" (limited to 300 copies) which comes in a lovely oversized carteboard gatefold sleeve... Experience LUSCA now !


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