Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Formed about three years ago, this quartet from the east of France describes its musical style as some "raw stoner rock, extraterrestrial themed and doom tinted"... I'm more than ok with that description and would add willingly "all with talent" !
But one more time, it's  still difficult to understand the reasons that lead to the same eternal conclusion : why do so many quality french bands are confronted to such a lame interest from their own country ? I mean, with an ep like "from the blazing sky at dusk" already released more than one year ago, how can it be possible that WHEELFALL still hasn't  received  larger attention and given more gigs all around France ?
With Kyuss, Fu Manchu and Slo Burn quickly heard as serious influences, we've got here authentic desert rock, clearly sounding like if it was coming from the mid 90's. Some more metallic elements induced by sharped guitar riffing and double bassdrums parts can be found here and there, but the overall atmosphere remainss fuckin hot, starry (yes, not just an image, thanx to the original science fiction themes)  and groovy, while a few pinches of doomy heaviness enhance the strength of the rythmic.
France has never revealed over time true potential leaders in its stoner scene, but now, just as the excellent Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel, I think that WHEELFALL could and should be one of the few promised ones... After two weeks of intense studio work this month, the debut album "interzone" shoud be entirely recorded by the time you read this, let's hope that now good things will quickly follow (starting by a well-deserved decent deal), while waiting for this new effort you can download the ep at bandcamp for free !!! 

And here's a youtube video with a live report and new song filmed at their recent gig with Karma To Burn :

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