Wednesday, July 20, 2011

THE HUMAN CONDITION : UK's 2011 Doom revelation

 NO please don't run away, I'm not presenting you the latest emoshit or shitcore sensation, but rather , despite a name that doesn't let it suppose, a top notch DOOM band from England ! Composed by ex-members of Unsilence, Misericorde and The River, the band was founded in 2005 by Jon (guit) but it took no more than 4 years to complete and stabilize the line-up. Nothing surprising then if the band's only entered a studio for the first time about one year ago to record a video for "the tempest", which you can view on their site; but this time it's not been too long (just a few months)  until they recorded again, for a  3 songs CD/ep called "modern maze", about which there's many great commentaries to say...                                                                     Cause, yes, we definitely don't have here a standard doom band,       THE HUMAN CONDITION can be classified in the slow, heavy, epic Doom category, somewhere directly between classy bands like Warning (or 40 Watt Sun) and Pale Divine... Though maybe not as much dominant as in these bands mentioned, vocals by Nathan are perfect, clear, hauting, melodic, filled with melancholy and striking deepness, the performance is majestuous; just perfectly in tune with the music which is very refined and epic at the same time, with heavy structures, beautiful melodies, not forgetting emotional accoustic/calm parts (far from an awkward teen ballad style !)... Like I've been immediately, I'm sure that most of you will be convinced by this enormous potencial  after listening just the song "pretending", and will do the same right after : order the CD on their site !  

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