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DOOMY HOLIDAYS : instructions ...

For a brief and little change, I wanted to present something different than usual, something lighter but still worth to read for and about Doomsters...   It’s summer holidays period, so  I thought it could be funny and interesting to know a bit more about people’s uses during this particular and always awaited period of the year… So I asked the following 5 questions to various people from the scene, here are the results :

1) Which song is or would be your ultimate Doom/Stoner/Metal tube for holidays ?
2) Did you ever forget to bring your teddy bear/sex toys/mother in law with you on vacation ?
3) Baskets, sandals or barefoot ?
4) What kind of holidays do you prefer : cultural, sportive, sunbath like or just cool at home with your family ? If any planed, what’s your destination for holidays this year ?
5) Do you prefer ice cones with 2 or 3 balls and which flavour ?

Soggy Bog (USA - top notch Doom radio programmer)
1) Doom over the World!
2) I always forget the mother in law!
3) If i had feet id wear sandals (just kidding, i wear sandals)
4) I like relaxing and sunbathing...with or without family..and we kind of play it by ear for destinations.
5) I actually dont like ice cream cones..i prefer cups or bowls, but for the sake of the question, it shall be
2 balls.

Karl Simon (USA, vocals/guit in The Gates of Slumber)

1) Burial at Sea, by Saint Vitus
2) I never really go on vacation... I go on tour, And I've managed to lose my teddy bear somewhere south of Tilburg, if anyone finds him please send him back. I can not sleep.
3) Boots.
4) Touring man, that's what I do touring. I don't know anything about vacations.
5) I like my ice in a whiskey glass ;)

Kev Stait (Wales, vocals in Doom Child)
1) Electric Wizard - Return Trip
2) No , if my mother in law was there I would want the teddy bear to stick in her mouth to stop the moaning ;-) I suppose a sex toy may do the same LOL
3) Converse boots [Black]
4) Chill out with family and friends I does not matter where
5) 2 balls.  Rum and Rasion / Vanilla

JB Matson (USA, drums in War Injun)

1) loaded and damned
2) NO
3) Baskets
4) sunbath/ocean city
5) Cherry, no balls

Stéphane Bourcier (France, guitars in Barabbas)

1) "Laguna Sunrise" by Black Sabbath on "Volume 4". A beautiful sunset, a beach, a big fat joint and the guitar of Iommi ... Hard to beat (although to be perfectly honest, it's "Tokyo Tapes" Scorpions which the most turned on my cd deck this summer and the "A Matter of Life and Death" from Iron Maiden).
2) Too old for the teddy bear, too inhibited for sex, too antisocial for the mother in law. But I never forget to carry a guitar (which is similar to an adult's teddy toy, right?).
3) Barefoot to better feel the healing power of Mother Earth (more prosaically, on the advice of my pedicure, which despairs about the worsening of my foot mycosis).
4) I would rather say "cultural" (to complete my image of nerd) or "sport" (to please girls going for a muscular type that takes care of his abs) but generally, it is more having rest with Family on  a beach or sofa (depending of finances). For the destination, no surprise: this summer, as every year, it was "Vamos a la Plaja".
5) For Barabbas, it is always three balls: Father, Son and Holy Spirit (with a little cream of the Holy Virgin if possible).

ED Barnard (USA, Doommantia editor)

1) For doom - Electric Wizard - Son of Nothing, for stoner - Fu Manchu's Asphalt Risin
2) Never forget the sex-toys ha ha.
3) Barefoot.
4) Cultural or cool at home. I am always moving so no movement at all is always a relief. 
5) Hmmm, I hate ice-cream. Ice-Cream to me tastes like cold vomit!

Jan "doomed poet" (Slovenia, white magic-black magic *blog*)
1. maybe Black Sabbath- Under the sun ( if you count this as doom)
2. I didn't ever plan to take those things with me
3. Sandals
4. Cultural... I was in Bretagne this year (ed : Brittany, french land of the druids) 
5. 3 balls : apple, chocholate, biscuit...

Maryline (France, Bloodrites assoc. - gigs organizer)
1) Red Fang "wires"
2) I never forget my can of oil for my doomobile! or if you want in your choice, bah, my teddy bear = Fernando, hahahah!
3) ...
4) cultural holidays this year; first we're going to see Blood Axis in Belgium, then travel through Germany to go to the Auschwitz camp and visit other camps also .... so seriously cultural this year!
5) Ball and Chain heeee pfff! Well, I eat  so rarely ice cream, you suck with your questions ! hummm good Viennetta from granny! No, seriously, 3 balls of ice  with whiskey flavour,  I've tasted it once and that was top notch!

Ollie Stygall (England, vocals/guit in Grifter)
1) Tough question…it’s all about the mood isn’t it? I reckon if I’m getting in the car ready to hit the road on holiday it has to be some Bon Scott era AC/DC. That stuff just totally sets the mood for a good time…maybe Highway To Hell!!!

2) I’m paranoid about forgetting anything when I go away so I make a big list of absolutely everything!!! I’ll pretty much go to any lengths to avoid taking my mother in law though!!!

3) On the beach…barefoot, walking round town…trainers, chilling out…sandals.

4) It has to be cultural…I get way too bored sitting by a pool or on a beach sunbathing and I pretty much avoid any level of sport. I need good weather, some cool places to explore and decent local food. If I get to meet some cool people along the way it’s a bonus. No holiday this year for me though…no money and a new baby in the house so the best I’ll manage is maybe a weekend away at family or some day trips out. Fortunately I live near the sea so always have somewhere to go for the day. If I was going to choose anywhere though I’d either go with the Perigord/Dordogne in France as that’s my favourite place on earth (my mother was French), or maybe Italy…I like history and I like pizza so it’d be perfect!!!

5)  I’m a greedy bastard so it has to be 3 balls…there has to be vanilla, that’s the king of all ice creams. After that something with a bit of fruit in it, maybe raspberry or blackcurrant and cream. If there’s some banana ice cream on the menu then I’m happy.

Cheryl Williams (USA, Stoner Hands Of Doom Festival team)

1) Earthride's "Fighting the Demons Inside You" - best road trip song EVER! Driving through the desert, top down, at sunset. Incredible.
2) Yes, but got more :)
3) Barefoot baby!
4) Beaches, museums/sights, theme parks, camping... I like a lot of different types of holidays...
5) Two balls - chocolate, mint chip :)

Sven Mihlan (Germany, Doom Metal Front zine editor)

1) Difficult question, as there is no particular song I would prefer. But asked I would maybe choose, wow, I really dig “Carnal Altar” of Serpent Venom’s actual album on The Church Within Records.
2) As I am afraid of teddy bears, don’t need no sex toys at all and sold my mother in law it is not the question of forgetting. Never needed…
3) Looking at the brown stripes on my feet…sandals, obviously!
4) None of those suggested. I’m more into exploring nature, going for walks and stuff. Doom Metal Festivals is kinda holidays too. Going to explore Scandinavia next weeks, that’s my plan at the very moment.5) Two balls of vanilla…

Jason Williams (Canada, drummer in Sheavy)

1) My ultimate tune for the holidays would be "Northern Lights" by Eggnogg. The northern lights are a winter time event. So, nice to think about that on these hot summer days ! \m/
 2) I never bring my teddy bear or mother in law on vacation with me ;) (ed : does this mean you never forget your  sex-toys ?!!)
3) Barefoot
4) I prefer at home with my family. No holidays planned for this year. Just want to spend as much time with my wife and kids as possible before school starts back up !
5) Prefer my cone with two balls ... one chocolate... one vanilla

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