Friday, May 10, 2013

... THE DIRTY STREETS "Movements" (Album Review)

What applies to their label mates and neighbours The Heavy Eyes also goes for The Dirty Streets, the name of whose hometown (Soulsville close to Memphis) fits the music they make insofar as it mentions the gist of the trio's retro-sound: Thomas Storz' singing as well as the playful guitar work carry a lot of soul along otherwise rather unassuming compositions. In this way, The group resembles Jimi Hendrix' various outfits ("What Do You Know") or CCR in their heydays ("Native Son" indeed has a Southern tinge), for as simply as, say, "Cloud Of Strange" or the title track may sound, the devil lies in the details, namely the two components mentioned.

Although "Movements" is by no means an overt statement of virtuosity in the first place, its quality and eventual superiority over records of potential competitors (and there are many, for sure) lie in the protagonists' feeling and dexterity alike. "Fight You" extracts the best from early Rory Gallagher (do they even know the Irishman?), the driving "It's About Time" could well stem from Mother Tongue (ahead of their time and gone too early), and the title track somewhat incredibly reminds this listener of the fabulous "Thinkin'" by the sadly overlooked New Jersey act Banchee.

Having said that, the best thing about The Dirty Streets is the fact that they don't brashly quote their obvious heroes but only adapt their song structures and work with has always functioned when more or less young man gather to racket about. As a record buyer who can choose, please deign to expose yourselves to noise as it is heard on "Movements".

words by Andreas Schiffmann

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