Tuesday, May 14, 2013

... MAMMOTH SALMON "Internet EP 2"

I presented you Boneworm here last month - through a nice little interview, here's now another cool new band from Portland (Oregon) named MAMMOTH SALMON... if not as slow and bleak, this duo consisting in Paul Dudziak (guit/voc and bass for this recording) and Mitch Meidinger (drums)  is almost as fuckin' heavy and raw as the lava wizards, which is yet in itself a real performance !!!

Check out immediately their "Internet EP 2" containing 3 songs of chugging Stoner/Doom (averagely of about 5 minutes), this name your price-affair is a real  must-have if you enjoy your dowtuned stuff infectiously plodding, hypnotic and loud !

Gosh, I jealously imagine how a gig with BONEWORM and MAMMOTH SALMON shall be one of the most mindblowing Doom experiences actually imaginable  on the West Coast... anyway, you'll read more on this band this summer in T.O.P. !


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