Sunday, May 19, 2013

... SATORI JUNK "Doomsday" (EP review)

Coming from Milano (Italy), SATORI JUNK is a young Stoner/Doom band comprised of  Lucas (vocals/synth), Chris (guit), Lorenzo (bass) and Giacomo (drums).
Formed in August 2012, the band presents now its first demo/EP entitled "Doomsday". Such a short delay in recording (this was released in february, so, just 5 months after the band's creation) is often not a problem basically when the musicians are experimented with a rich background, but when it's not the case - it can quickly show some limits... like in here, hopefully those young-heads present a few serious assets which compensate with their relative inexperience and restlessness !

"Doomsday" includes 4 pretty long songs for a bit less than 30 minutes of fuzzy mid-paced Stoner/Sludge taking influences in Electric Wizard and Sleep for the most part...
Nothing damn original for sure although the song "The Green Beautiful" composed in 3 parts is a promising centerpart which brings something to the table... on this one which is growing in mesmerizing and unbridled psychedelica, gnarly backing vocals and the use of synth brings that little something to an overall  which is generally a bit more up-tempo than most bands playing this overused genre; vocals could be at times a bit more hazy and raspy  but no drugged-out effects make them distinctive, yet they need some improvement in the tone and english diction...

As a 1st recording, this "Doomsday" puts nicely solid basis of a future sound that needs more time and development to prove definitely its own caracters... no doubt, the lesson will be learnt, so I'm sure it could be interesting to follow SATORI JUNK closely in the future !

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