Wednesday, May 1, 2013

... GEEZER "Gage" (New EP!!!)

NY's Heavy-Blues band GEEZER is back with a killer new EP !!! Know everything about it (and other great news...) through this nice little presentation by Pat Harrington (Guit/Voc) :

So the plan is to "release" it on May 1st. Initially it will only be available as part of a giveaway given to the first 50 tix sold for The Eye Of The Stoned Goat 3 at The Acheron, Brooklyn on July 27th, the poster is included in the "Bonus" part of the download. It will then be released to the public as a free download. (date TBD). The first song, Ancient Song, will also be available on the upcoming Grip Of Delusion Compilation, also set to be released on May 1st. (well, it looks like it's available as FREE download immediately for everyone...)

This excerpt from the interview I did with you regarding the new material is a great explanation, "Initially the idea was to do a new song for the upcoming Grip Of Delusion Compilation that is coming out later this month. We had a show last month and used the opportunity that day to do the recording. We ended up recording three new songs! Two of which we played for the first time on stage that night. I came into the session with a few basic riffs, one became the song, “Thorny”, which is a dark, quiet acoustic number. The other became “Ancient Song”, which is the song we are releasing on the compilation. The third song, “Ghost Rider Solar Plexus”, I had developed the idea a bit more, had a basic arrangement… but we still just jammed on it and let it rip! It was one of those days, when everyone was at the top of their game and played their asses off! Maybe it was just the right combination of weed and coffee. The fourth song, “Dude, It’s Molecular” is actually a live recording of an improvisational jam we did at a show last fall. The recording came out pretty good and we loved the jam, so we decided to release it as is. All the tunes are loosely based on the blues, but as I said before, we’re changing our approach a little bit, maybe a bit more psychedelic, maybe a little darker, maybe a little heavier, you’ll just have to wait and see."

In Addition... Geezer is proud to announce, we just signed a record deal with Blues Blvd. Records (Belgium) to release Handmade Heavy Blues in US, Canada & Europe! The album is set for (re)release in October.

Blues Blvd. Records is part of Music Avenue Group Of Labels out of Belgium, traditionally they are known for selling back catalogue stuff from established artists but are now shifting their efforts towards new music as well.

Info on the label can be found here:

Of course, we are very excited! When we started the band, we didn't expect to make it out of the Hudson Valley, much less be distributed and heard throughout the world. We are very grateful to Alfie Falckenbach and the fine folks at Blues Blvd for giving us this opportunity!

Thanks again Steph! Please let me know if you need anything else from me or have a problem with the download,



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