Tuesday, October 1, 2013

... Amazing TAPE label : TARTARUS Records !!!

Here's a little focus on the dutch TAPE label TARTARUS Rds who are doing a brilliant work by releasing in this cult format bands like Ortega, Undersmile, War Iron, Witch Mountain, Toner Low, Herder, etc... next TAPES to be out this month are VERBUM VERUS "Melkiresha" (Black metal from Holland) and no less than the incredible blackened sludge monster that is "Pervertor" by LORD MANTIS  !!!  and there's lots of other goodies to expect within the next months like Slomatics, Primitive Man, Mosquito Control, Ommadon... definitely worth checking out and keeping an eye on regularly !!! 


TAR001 Nihill - Woestenij / sept 2012 // SOLD OUT 
TAR002 Bismuth - demo / oct 2012 // SOLD OUT
TAR2.5 Ortega - A Flame Never Rises On Its Own / oct 2012 // SOLD OUT
TAR003 Ortega - The Serpent Stirs ep / nov 2012 // SOLD OUT
TAR004 Undersmile - Narwhal / nov 2012 // SOLD OUT
TAR005 Gigatron2000 - The Cosmic Desert Cruise / jan 2013// SOLD OUT
TAR006 War Iron - The Fifth and Final Sun / Feb 2013 // SOLD OUT
TAR007 Entrapment - Crawling Morbidity (feb 2013) // SOLD OUT
TAR008 Persistence in Mourning / Pentadrvg - Alice (April 2013) / SOLD OUT
TAR009 Witch Mountain - Cauldron of the Wild / April 2013 / SOLD OUT
TAR010 Pohl - Pohlsmoker (May 2013) SOLD OUT
TAR011 Transatlantic Rat's Atom / Birdeye split (June 2013) SOLD OUT
TAR012 Eight Bells - The Captain's Daughter (July 2013) SOLD OUT
TAR013 Moan - s/t (July 2013) SOLD OUT
TAR014 Spider Kitten - Cougar Club (August 2013) SOLD OUT
TAR015 Toner Low III (Aug / Sept 2013) SOLD OUT
TAR016 Herder - s/t (sept) SOLD OUT
TAR017 Herder - Horror Vacui (sept) SOLD OUT
TAR018 Verbum Verus - Melkiresha (Sept/Oct) PREORDER NOW
TAR019 Lord Mantis - Pervertor (Sept/Oct) PREORDER NOW
TAR020 War Wolf - Crushing The Ways Of The Old (Oct/Nov)
TAR021 Grinding Halt - Discography II (Oct/Nov) 
TAR022 Bismuth / Undersmile split (nov/dec)
TAR023 Megalodoom - Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Grief (nov/dec)

And more to come:

Art Of Burning Water - Discography tape
Primitive Man - P//M ep (tba)
SUMA - EP Compilation (tba)
Brown Snake Kills Dog / Winters In Osaka split (tba)
Terzij de Horde - New full length album (tba)
Elbrus (tba)
Ethereal Riffian - Aeonian (tba)
Slomatics - A Hocht (tba)
Slomatics - The Future Past (tba)
Ommadon - Discography (I II III IV) 
Lurch - demo (tba)
Ommadon - I - IV (tba) 
Fires of Mammon - The Sound of War in Heaven (tba)
Mosquito Control - Destroyed Beyond Redemption (tba) 

For questions / trades / wholesale etc. mail to: tartarus.tapes@gmail.com

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