Tuesday, October 29, 2013

.... POSTURES 's/t' (Album Review)

Sweden, vintage rock debut, female vocals ... again. Don't be prejudiced, though, as Gothenburg's Postures don't belie the promise their name might suggest to some of you: within the nine tracks on this first effort of theirs, there's nothing to be found of false gestures and poses, no caveman (and -woman) rock clichés and no average rehash of allegedly glorious days. In fact, Postures take the best from times gone by (warm synthesizers courtesy of keyboardist Mikael Edebro, who's apparently quit by now) and spice it up with their very own playfulness in a distinctly modern or rather timeless context. This is better by far than your umpteenth Graveyard, Witchcraft or Horisont rehash.
Paulina Nyström's stellar voice is, of course, the group's main characteristic, but gets highlighted by simply strong musicianship and creative songwriting to boot. After the ethereal introduction "Circles", Postures romp into "Heavy Tremor", a perfect playground for the vocalist to show off her range. It's these longer tunes - also the psychedelic "Solipse" and 13-minute monster "Quakes" in the end - which show the outfit's affinity to Progressive Rock in the classical sense, but there's no typecast fare to be had here. The music is eventful not only on the surface yet also when listening closely. The rhythm section in particular shines brightly throughout, always bridging the gap between more improvised-sounding parts and concised "don't bore us, get to the meat"-ditties like the short "Clouded Sight".
With respect to the latter, "Are We Still Breathing?" and "Clusters" (fans of flying Dutchies Gold may like this) are practically indie rock at its most condensed - another penchant, it seems, of Postures. Lastly, they don't need even the voice per se to impress (take the Floydish instrumental "Falling Into Place", where indeed everything falls into place) and prove themselves to be a safe bet if you are into oldish ambience (as conveyed by Mellotron and Hammond) in a room full of juvenile energy. Already now, Postures shine brightly, even though they lack the hit qualities which you might crave and maybe walk a bit too far on the "jammy" side of things ... Who knows,though, what the future brings? A jointventure, perchance, with the likeminded Katla?
words by Andreas Schiffmann

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