Tuesday, October 8, 2013

... PENDULOUS 'Mirrored Confessions' (EP review)

After Yidhra, presented to you last month via a review of their brilliant debut album “hexed”, here’s another worthy Doom Metal band from Los Angeles : PENDULOUS – a young quintet consisting inE.R.M – Vocals, C. Rosales – Guitar, B. Woller – Guitar, Kevin C. – Bass and J. Spitzer – Drums, who released this summer an interesting EP entitled ‘Mirrored Confessions’.

This 20 minutes affair consists in 4 songs of which two can be considered as an intro ('disheveled') and an outro (‘mislaid'), if both aren’t useless at all and play their role of bringing you to their morbidly reflective world for the first and transposing you to their  next woeful chapters for the latter, the most essential content to focus on is offered through ‘reflections’ (09:39) and ‘seeds” (07:26)

Supported by a remarkable vocal performance,  PENDULOUS is exactly what you need if you like your DOOM full of  gloom-laden atmospheres, lugubrious pacing, and monolithic riffage !!!
In my opinion it’s almost impossible to situate the Doom of Pendulous in a specific category and considering the cohesive result, that’s in itself a sign of creativity : Trad’, Post, Funeral… ?  there’s plenty of all this in those both songs. Well, the variety of the vocals prevent solely the Trad’ label that’s for sure but certainly not the stretched-out lumbering tempos and soaring melodies… Post’ : in the sense that it sounds  fragile, profound, at times flourishing… and Funeral, by a feeling of solemnity and mesmerizing pain…
This may not be ultra-spectacular and intricate but succeeds stunningly in keeping up a constant dynamic in those well-crafted soundscapes layered in a kind of grievous splendor !!!

E.R.M. has an impressive range vocally wise, from English-typed death/doom growls to plaintive narratives and painful screams, he adds a lot to the abundance in emotions and somber harmonies.

The soulful atmospheres and underlying feel of authenticity make this EP very interesting and one can not forget this is just their 1st official recording - which lets place for future development, to make  for example solos sounds more winding and tensions more ramping up... PENDULOUS sounds very alluring but just need a little more time to join the ranks of the very best upcoming doom bands!

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