Sunday, October 13, 2013

... SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT "Waiting for the Flood" (Album Review)

"Waiting For The Flood" as a title seems to address the anticipation amongst fans of Germany's longer-standing Samsara Blues Experiment for the album and its four massive songs, which have already been tried and tested at various occasions in concert - and even if that had not been the case, you would know what to expect, wouldn't you? Never on this record does the heavy psych quartet get to the point faster than after ten minutes plus, and this suits them rather well, as opposed to oh-so-many other groups that are a drag even in shorter formats. 
The album starts off with 'Shringara', which after some sitar-tinkling with iniating vocals (delivered with astounding force by frontman Christian Peters) takes off with spacey synths while the guitar stays upfront almost entirely throughout the track. Riff is king on "Waiting For The Flood", yet not without some soulful soloing where it's necessary. Samsara Blues Experiment have never been a band prone to much redundancy within their compositions, which is just what makes 2011's "Revelation And Mystery" still worth spinning on a regular basis - a real feat considering the arbitrary mass of genre releases during the last couple of years.
Peters, whose voice nicely reminds of Pothead's hearty crooner Brad Dope, takes a step back from the mic during the title track in order to work his strings more eagerly, but still manages to establish hooks through his singing, not to forget the hefty emotions which he gets across to the listener, the more mellow character of the track being just the perfect medium for this. Goosebumps aside, "Waiting For The Flood" also gives a nod or two towards the name of its creators, meaning that "Don't Belong" puts the Blues on the boil, albeit in a less obvious manner without your all too predictable chord progressions. Still, this band is no prog-fare, and justly so.
Closer "Brahmin's Lament" once again leans to the heavier side and casts a spotlight on drummer Thomas Vedder as well. The Eastern tinge is already manifest in the title, Peters intones in his most passionate way and thereby hands some very memorable verses, which are likely to be recalled when it comes to choosing what's been relevant for 2013 in terms of vintage hard rock at the end of the year. Be sure you don't miss "Waiting For The Flood"; otherwise your poll lists might be incomplete.
words by Andreas Schiffmann

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