Sunday, October 27, 2013

... courtesy of Kent Stump , enter THE FUZZ LAB !!!

"My name is Kent, lead vocalist and guitar player for the band Wo Fat. I originally started the Fuzz Lab website to sell Heavy 70's t shirts, since I am a big fan of 70's rock, but then decided to expand the Fuzz Lab to selling vinyl and CD's from some select bands for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I realized that there are a lot of realy cool European bands whose albums, especially on vinyl, are not easy to get in the US without either paying very high prices for them here in the US or ordering them internationally. Also, being in Wo Fat, we have played with and gotten to know a lot of great bands that aren't on labels or don't wide distribution. With the Fuzz Lab, I'm trying to offer a little marketplace where some European titles I really dig are available to people in the US while trying to keep the cost as low as I can, and the Fuzz Lab is also a place where people worldwide can hopefully discover some cool bands that they may not see in some other stores, especially som eof the great bands that we know here in Texas.
Musically here at the Fuzz Lab, we are focusing on Stoner Metal, Psychedelia, Doom Metal and heavy fuzzy, riff-driven rock.
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the Fuzz Lab or Wo Fat."

Those are the good words I found on the Fuzz Lab website a couple of days ago and I thought they had to be shared with you all!!! Check out the site, there's already very good stuff available : Diesel King, Dopethrone, Stoned Jesus, Las Cruces, Cortez, Bite The Bullet, Switchblade Jesus, Orthodox Fuzz, The Cosmic Trigger, etc... 

I wrote a little mail to Kent to congrat him and warn about an imminent post about this exciting new project and the riffmaster added:
"Yeah, the Fuzz Lab things is kind of an experiment at the moment to see if it works out. I'm hoping to reach out to some other unsigned bands and if I do okay with sales, I'll be able to expand the catalogue and carry more European titles. We are planning on coming back to Paris in May/June and I think we're probably going to play a couple French cities further south as well, like Lyon and/or Toulouse. Speaking of which, do you know any venues/ promoters in Lyon? We're also going to start recording a new album in about a month that will hopefully be out next spring."

I guess this new album will come out on SSR again ? any exciting details to reveal yet ?!
"Yes, our new album will be released on Small Stone again. We're still in the writing process so we don't have a title yet, but we plan on beginning recording in late November. Rest assured, there will be fuzz. There will be riffs aplenty and there will be heavy jams. We're hoping to release it in the spring before we come back to Europe."

This new distro lauch is following another major event which happened a couple of months ago :  Kent became with Tim and Michael - his partners in Wo Fat - the new owners/operators of Crystal Clear Sound, the best full service recording studio in Dallas !!!
"Yes, we did just buy a studio and everything is going really well with it. It's a first class studio with some killer analog gear and its where all of the Wo Fat recordings have been done. We offer recording, mixing, mastering as well as cd duplication. We also offer online mixing, meaning that you can send us files for mixing from anywhere. 
Here's the website:

Finally, I did forward te message to the great local Stoner band
Slut Machine to Kent's request about contacts in Lyon, but also precised to Kent that other towns like Bordeaux (Make It Sabbathy) and Rennes (Blood Rites) could be interesting possibilities too -  but there's a lot of factors to deal with when touring...
"Regarding the tour, thank you for the info. Let me know if you hear of anyone in Lyon. The way our routing is working out, the last part of the tour we'll be coming from southern Germany and Switzerland headed for Spain, which is why I'm asking about the Toulouse/ Lyon area because they're both on the way to Spain. We will be doing the tour with Mothership so it's a package deal. I don't know that we'll be able to fit in Rennes, though, because we're doing Paris earlier in the tour and going to the Netherlands and Freak Valley right after that...".

In any cases, I'll be coming again in Paris my friend !

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