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Autumn Doom Quiz pt. III

Here we go for another tour around the globe of Doom with this 3rd part of Aleksey's quiz. Thanx comrade for such a titanesque work in a very short time, and also for your extreme dedication and passion for the underground scene! Well, there's lots of geographical and musical diversity once again, and who gives a shit if all five questions are still the same that you found in pt 1 & 2 ?! everyone has his own sensibility and actuality, best proof is that there's loads of great shit to read about here again, so, enjoy while listening some heavy sounds full of chilling vibes !!! 

1. What is the band’s state at the moment? What kind of sinister affairs does the band plan to perform for autumn and the following months?
2. How did listeners and critics meet band’s last album?

3. "Paranoid" of Black Sabbath is an iconic song, what in this Earth can turn you paranoid?
4. Who was your childhood hero? What kind of dude did you want to become?

5. Last TV-news reminds me about it – this question is about "War Pigs". What is your opinion about conflict around Syria? Do you see any reasons to justify military intervention of one country in affairs of another country?

From this quiz you’ll know that Portland is not only the motherland of psychedelic doom bands – feel the drunken attack of mighty Booze Lords and tremble! South America is pictured by Cultura Tres (Venezuela), Fanttasma (Brazil) and Poema Arcanus (Chile) – all types of doom are covered. Veterans of the scene Officium Triste (Netherlands) and Pantheist (UK) tell their words of Doom and Wisdom, as some new and upcoming bands share their experience with us as well. So I hope that you’ll like the sound of StoneGriff (Sweden) and The Curse of Wendigo (Ukraine). Huata (France) are well known dark dudes, and hey – they have pretty cool gig photos! And finally, Towards Darkness (Canada)… They are pervading night and cold since 2001, doing their stuff damned tightly !

Booze Lords (USA, doom / thrash)
Inebrion and Drunkus Crom

1. Inebrion: Autumn and winter is our most fertile period creatively speaking. We have finished demoing out our sophomore release and that should appear in the next month or so. Because we’re a duo, things are pretty simple. We hang out; play D&D, drink beer and listen to Celtic Frost all day long… when we feel like it’s time to record something, we do it! We also have other bands, so our output is very high all around.
Drunkus Crom: Our recording sessions have been very prolific as of late.  Our guts have been filled with good brew and our minds frothing with good jams so I would say our state of mind is the best it’s ever been.  The fact that autumn is approaching only makes our creativity that much more furtive!  The smell of decaying leaves and the ominous loom of black clouds overhead sends us deep into our beer drenched dens to make even more great music!

2. Inebrion: Well…we have about 21 likes on Facebook the last I checked; now, if that’s any indication, I would say that about 10 people legitimately like it and 11 people don’t like it, but they’re relatives, so they feel obligated to like it… As for critics, we have had a singular review, done by this very publication, the Temple of Perdition! (cheers!). They liked the record; in fact, the review itself was more entertaining to read then the album is to listen too! Having said that… If you have the time, check it out our first record, it’s not half bad.
Drunkus Crom: We were like two homeless men finding a worm-infested sandwich!  Both of us were overjoyed by the feedback from our fans and critics. Every word spoken on our behalf helps us to become that much better at our jobs, drinking and playing music!

3. Drunkus Crom: There is only one thing on this earth that truly makes me paranoid.  It stalks all inebriated wanderers and vagrants and at some point consumes them and strikes with terrible vengeance.  That beast that all should beware is… awaking sober!! Also toilet seats in public bathrooms.  They terrify me! Nothing is worse than going to take care of a beer baby and some creep emerges with a crooked smile and laughs in your face as you brave the porcelain nightmare.  Bless him who invented toilet covers.
Inebrion: Simply put, The Human Race. What else is there to be paranoid about? Everything else pales in comparison to a race of beings out to ruin everyone else fun. I will simply quote those fine modern minstrels of doom, Saint Vitus. “I made a simple plan, they complicate it!”

4. Inebrion: I never really had a childhood hero I can remember, as for who I wanted to become, well, I wanted to be me; Success!
Drunkus Crom: The Hams beer bear. He is cheap, he makes me happy and he gives me something to live for, getting drunk!

5. Drunkus Crom: I have two words for this topic. Drink and forget.  Booze Lords has deep and meaningful message of peace and harmony.  This is easily achieved by simply subjugating the entire world populace to a diet of PBR and meat and cheese platters.  This is the quickest way to end all conflict because, let’s face it, when your shit faced you can’t aim a gun let alone see. Wars result in death and death results in less consumption of alcohol therefore I personally feel conflicts of a violent nature are useless unless it is, A: in a pit of mosh, or, B: a friendly bar dispute.
Inebrion: While I tend to agree with my brother of booze, I will add that this little scuffle overseas is about more than the loss of human life. Let’s look at it this way, thousands of people are murdered everyday by corrupt governments, do we hear about them? No. But as soon and someone says “Chemical Weapons!”  It becomes a big deal, the reason? It’s simple, only America is allowed to have the big guns. America has weapon envy... Now, I’ve said too much, I don’t want to end up in the Pentagon’s dungeon…


Cultura Tres (Venezuela, sludge)
Juan de Ferrari (guitars)

1. We just had a South American Tour and in between we were filming for our next video clip for the song "La Selva se Muere" which is planed to be release in November.  We will be paying a quick visit to London, playing the Underworld in Camden Town the 3rd of November and the 22nd in Vienna, Austria at the Escape Metalcorner.
Later, for the beginning of next year it is being planed an European tour.

2. The critics so far have been pretty much positive, some even call it "master piece".

3. The US government foreign policies

4. Mazinger Z, it marked every kid in South America in the 80's.

5. There is no way the killing of children can be justified.  From Cambodia, to Panama, from Iraq to Afghanistan most of this interventions in the name of "democracy" are just the cover of a different agenda. Energetic resources are the motive for this "interventions" to occur.
Unfortunately the U.S. government keeps on finding the way to keep on selling their reasons to start a war  to a group of voters and to the rest of the world.... the puppeteers keep on getting away with it, and the puppets live silently in fear with their eyes closed... collateral damage what a beautiful sounding term isn't it?

Fanttasma (Brazil, post death doom)
Rafael Augusto Lopez (guitars, bass)

1. We are right now recording a song, for a tribute to a brazillian horror punk band. This is actually the first time I talk about it, so there will be more info about it soon! We are also composing, so a second album is probable, no idea when it will be ready.

2. Very well actually! Was a bit surprised to be honest, reviews all around said the album is good, so great I guess! But critics, overall, good or bad, must have little impact on the music.

3. Women I guess, haha. Other than that, on another level, the government.

4. To be honest when I was a child the national hero was Ayrton Senna, and I loved to see him race. Brazillians overall have a feeling of inferiority and there was this guy beating everyone else from everywhere else, so I kinda wanted to be like him and beat everyone else. But I was really young, like 10, when Metal appeared in my life, shortly after, everything changed and all I wanted to beat was myself and be a good guitar player.

5. I don't know much about geopolitics, but I have a feeling that the interests in Syria are all related to money, petrodollars to be exact. And if I'm correct this is just a small part in a bigger story that includes other military interventions... Some men are ruled by money, and these men rule our society, unfortunately.

Huata (France, stoner doom)
Benjamin (bass)

1. Hail! We are actually composing our next invocations that we hope to record in mid 2014 and we'll play a couple of shows in autumn in France. We also had the opportunity to play with Jucifer this summer, but things are going slowly with everyone's vacations and summer occupations. We wait for the cold seasons to restart working regularly, feeling the northern vibes is much more inspiring than the southern warmth.

2. Pretty well actually, we had very good responses to our split with Bitcho. It was our first release of this kind and we didn't know how to expect from our audience. But our fans seems to enjoy the long psychedelic journey we released. This was also the beginning of our collaboration with Music Fear Satan (whom we are very grateful) who reissued Atavist Of Mann in 1000 LP copies after the release of the split 12". The evolution of the music and artwork we proposed for this format is special and will remains for our split releases only. We wanted to explore the psychedelic/space rock part of Huata's musicality separately from what we write usually for our full-length.

3. When our amps make strange noises or seem to be broken !

4. My childhood heroes were and still are Batman, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Lucky Luke, Han Solo, Michael Jordan and Rodney Mullen. So I wanted to be a tall archeologist cowboy-super-hero, working for the MI6, traveling in space on a flying skateboard.

5. When the TV-news will relate something that reminds us the Black Sabbath's songs "The Wizard", "Iron Man" or "Planet Caravan", that will be great, otherwise I don't care.


Officium Triste (Netherlands, death doom)
Pim Blankenstein (vocals)

1. Well, as you know we released our album Mors Viri earlier this year and we basically are doing shows here and there. We’ve got a few nice shows lined-up till the end of the year and we are working on some shows next year.
Other than that we’re not doing that much. We do have some ideas for new songs though, so we’re getting into gear to write material for our next album.

2. Up till now it has been really positive. We got a lot of great feedback on our album, which is satisfying as we have been working on that album really hard. Of course we received some criticism as well, but that’s basically from people who don’t like our style anyway. Most of the time this criticism is ill-founded. You hardly see any explanation why the criticaster finds certain facts of our album bad or mediocre. But hey, that’s a sign of the times where lots of so-called ‘journalists’ have a possibility to spread their opinion on the internet.
As a whole it’s just a minority as the majority of reviews we have seen and the comments we got are very positive.

3. Nothing really if you take what paranoia literally means. I’m pretty laid-back and don’t worry too much. I don’t care about others too much either.

4. Looking at this question I first thought about a hero within music. But when it comes to my childhood I have to conclude that football (that’s right it’s football, not soccer!) was the most important thing for me. One of my favorourite players was a guy called Kees Kist, who most of you probably don’t know. For those interested check out
Anyway, he didn’t even play in the team I support but he was a fabulous striker who could shoot the ball real hard. That impressed me a lot as a kid. So he’s my childhood hero.
Back then I always dreamed of becoming a pro-footballer, but In wasn’t good enough obviously.

5. You know, I only follow this a bit. I only get what I hear on the news and I’ve learned that you cannot believe anything you see on the news. It’s often biased.
Based on that I have no opinion on military intervention in Syria. What I do know is that I’m sick and tired of hearing about all this shit happening in the Middle-East. In a broader perspective it’s often about oil and delusional religious shit. I’m also sick and tired of the USA thinking they are some sort of world police. I think the UN should have that role, but quite often it seems like the USA think they can overrule the UN.
Then there’s Russia, which is a powerful country and they often seem to disagree with the USA.
You know, it’s all very difficult and complex and most of us aren’t even aware what forces influence all these decisions. There are big coorporations out there that benefit from war. I don’t even want to think about it. The complexity of the matter gives me a headache.  Just let me live my life!

Pantheist (UK, progressive doom metal)
Kostas Panagiotou (vocals, keyboards)

1. A lot of sinister and mysterious activities are taking place in our camp recently! We have just released our first official video in collaboration with a professional film maker, an event for which we have worked really hard and it makes us proud to see the end result. It was recorded in two locations in Belgium; one of these involved the band being filmed in a dark church at night in the middle of the winter with snow falling outside! Pretty spooky and atmospheric experience.
Besides this, we are practicing for two upcoming gigs, one in Athens and another one in London. We have also signed a contract with a booking agency, so hopefully people should see us more often on the road from next year onwards.
Lastly, we are also working on our fifth album, which is a concept album, the first one since 'Amartia'. The album is based on a story called 'Events', which I am slowly writing and publishing on our website, accompanied by tracks on which we collaborate with fans! All details can be found on our site.

2. Very well considering it was a decided departure from our more extreme roots, to a melodic sound with some of the brutal elements still present. But fans and the press praised it for its individuality and creative idea's and us for following our own path without distractions. Also the track 'Be Here' seems to have become something of a fan favourite, which made us decide to make the above video. On the other hand, there was in the background the usual murmur  of discontent from those who still expect O Solitude Vol 2 after us releasing four albums that are totally different from each other, but the voice of discontent is always welcome as it helps us to push our boundaries even further as a reaction to the innate conservatism of the genre!

3. People who are constantly smiling in your face, no matter in what circumstances you meet them. I automatically assume that they have a darker side to hide, and I like to believe that usually I am right about this!

4. Oh that's difficult to answer...I am not someone who worships people (or entities), so I don't really have heroes. I like to be free and those who worship are slaves of the object of their worshipping. From the other side, I do admire people I feel I can learn from. E.g. people who have demonstrated wisdom in the way they led their lives, such as Siddhartha Gautama and Socrates. And also less famous people around me, of course.

5. No, I see no reason justifying war in a foreign land whatsoever. But of course I also recognise that these wars are usually justified by hidden motives such as greed and the illusion that you are somehow morally superior to the rest of the world and therefore need to impose your values to others. The fact however that the necessity of this war has been recently downplayed by the western media, and here in England the parliament even voted against it, shows that the world is slowly learning.
Not DOOMED after all???

Poema Arcanvs (Chile, doom death)
Pablo Tapia U. (Bass)

1. We are full-time rehearsing!. Finally we have our release party of Transient Chronicles on October 26 and then 4 or 5 more gigs around Chile, kind of Chilean release tour.

2. Our fans meet the album very well, we are very glad that most of them understand the music and the emotions that we wanted to transmit despite of that our music sometimes is a little bit hard to digest. Critics was very good, every review around 8/10 and we are happy about that too. Of course sometimes you find a very good ones and also another ones not so good haha, but those are not the mean.

3. Well, personal speaking (or writing?)... the monetary system. I think at some point, people stopped control this shit and now is an entity for himself. It controls almost everything and is driving society into madness. Sometimes you try to fight against it but nothing happens, kind of Omniscient Opponent... maybe if we fight all together?

4. I didn't have any, but if I think in heroes... Che Guevara and Gandhi appear instantly in my mind. Sadly is really difficult be such an altruist person like them, and give your entire life for the good of others.

5. The only reason that the ONU see as a need to make a military intervention is when a government is using abusive force against their own people. This argument is reasonable and I share it. But... of course you can not be an auto-designated "hero", as the US are trying to be, even less when you don't have enough proof. This situation as I see... is just a make up to justify war against Syria. As we know... to star a war, the first thing that you need is to make the impression that your are acting in self-defense or in defense of a helpless nation, then build up a crusade... presenting the aggressor as fighting for a higher ideal and finally de-humanize the enemy. Same shit but with different smell. What can we do? quoting the video below "The first stage of the revolution is the ideological revolution. That means our first job is to wake people up" I let this video as a start
Thank you very much friends of Temple of Perdition.


StoneGriff (Sweden, doom metal)
Rex Nibor (bass) and Molde (guitars)

1. Rex: We have recently released our debut album, a milestone in the band's history of course. Right now we are rehearsing the songs of the album plus a couple of new tunes.
Molde: We're preparing for some live gigs we plan to perform later on and we are also in the process of trying out new songs for future doom recordings.

2. Rex: Overall, the reactions to "Prologus Magicus" has been above our expectations. It´s a great feeling when you realize that all the blood, sweat and man hours you put into the songs and the band were worth it.
Molde: The reactions from the scene have in general been very positive and judging from the reviews most doomheads have got our message right. We are here to play traditional doom metal and we do it with an old school mentality.

3. Rex: People who claim they "just want to play music", and then go to auditions for X-factor and those kind of TV-shows.
Molde: Well, some of the disco style remixes of the mentioned masterpiece make me somehow paranoid...

4. Rex: I played hockey as a kid so naturally I dreamed of becoming a pro, I wanted to play in NHL and win Stanley Cup. My favourite players where Wayne Gretsky, Börje Salming and Mats Sundin.
Molde: Robin Hood was definitely a childhood hero of mine. I guess there were some wizards and knights competing for my attention as well.

5. Molde: There are probably that kind of reasons but the problem is that it is hard to know who is to be trusted. The truth has always many sides and then there is money...

The Curse of Wendigo (Ukraine, stoner psychedelic doom)
Konstantin (guitars, vocals)

1. Presently the band is extremely busy with preparation of the coming album. Just getting finished with the things underdone and creating something new. As for the autumn, a few gigs are planned, in particular supporting The Grand Astoria and Stoned Jesus in Donetsk. As well as October fest in Mariupol where we are tagged as christian stoner rock/psychedelic/pop. Joke as it is:)
With the winter months coming into full force, we seriously plan to start recording the new album and correct all those mistakes about the first release. We are eager about producing the most high-quality stuff. A couple of videos are planned as well.

2. The first full-length titled "Eclectic Tail" to have been out back in December 2012 was positively acclaimed and constructively criticized at the same time. All these were properly considered and adopted throughout working upon the new stuff.
Single titled "Wildhoney" and released this spring got a bit warmer response and widened the circle of our listeners. The piece turned to be more rocking than its predecessors.

3. Not sure about the rest, but I would go paranoid in case of impossibility to make music, to do my favourite thing:) You know, idleness as a whole is paranoia.

4. Just like any other kids from nineties, we were fond of action and videogame heroes. Later, due to certain musical preferences, those got substituted by musicians. Cobain, Hetfield, Dickinson, Ousborne etc.
I always wanted to play music, the more serious the better, just strived to create something making me delighted myself.

5. Honestly, we’re not into Syrian events very much. However, as it appears, our compassionate Yankees keep on bringing democracy to poor Arabians, Asians, Africans etc. Well, supposedly:) The point is surely clear to all – fine not to have any oil here in Ukraine:)
We are rather skeptical about any political games and everything related. All these are based upon money, deceit and pseudo patriotism.


Towards Darkness (Canada, funeral doom)
Kevin Jones (vocals, bass)

1. Towards Darkness is basically in studio mode for the next few months. Simon and I are in the process of composing and recording our next album. We haven't been playing live lately as we have been devoting all of our energy to our new material. Expect a new release from us in 2014.

2. Our latest album Barren was generally well received. Most reviews were positive and supportive. The feedback we've been getting suggests that the album has traveled around the world so it has diffidently widened our fan base. Many people are becoming aware of us thanks to our label, Avantgarde Music, who's reputation is well known in the underground music world.

3. I don't like surveillance technology. In my city there are cameras everywhere. It invades privacy and it makes me paranoid to think that I am being analyzed by dozens of cameras when I go to buy groceries.

4. I think my childhood hero was Jimi Hendrix. I was introduced to his music when I was very young by my older brother. I was really impressed by him as a youngster and he greatly inspired me to be the musician dude that I am today.

5. From my vantage point here in Canada I can only get a narrow view of the situation through the media. I don't think that I can have a well informed opinion about the situation when the information I have access to is probably censored. The only reason I can think of that could justify military intervention by one country into another is for humanitarian reasons. The worst thing about situations like this is when innocent people get hurt or killed. In my country life is relatively calm and it's impossible for me to imagine the horror of living in a "war pigs" playground.

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