Monday, October 21, 2013

... a magic Breton ride : BRAIN PYRAMID

BRAIN PYRAMID is a young french Psychedelic trio from Rennes who - if not yet a true revelation -  is a seriously promising band... Actually comprised  of founding members Gaston Lainé (guit/voc) and  Batptiste Gautier-Lorenzo (drums), recently joined by Ronan Grall (master of ceremony in Huata) on Bass, the band made recently its 1st (short) tour, in support of their debut album "Magic Carpet Ride", with dates in France, Spain and Portugal - playing with bands like Black Bombaim, Libido Fuzz and Phonocaptors ! 

As I said earlier, the original duo is really young  - 18 and 19 but their musicianship is yet fairly impressive, what an explosive blend of Heavy psyched-out tripping waves and Desert rock-like explosion of fuzz. There may be a couple of others, but judging by his nice use of delay and wha-wha, Hendrix and Bjork must be revered idols of Gaston !!! 

Consisting in 6 songs for a total lenght of about half 66 minutes (!) , the album still presents a band in a logical learning phase on a couple of points which are related :  the style is a fertile ground for long jams that's a fact but a better balance between instrumental and sung parts should be found, which leads to the needed improvement on vocals dept... Even if I heard a bit of progression yesterday evening on stage (they were opening for Black Rainbows in Lorient) Gaston needs to take confidence in his singing, let the flow come more viscerally and probably get it  infused of rough substance(s) from his choice !!? Ronan has a very different role from what he is devoted to in Huata, far more relax, acting positively as a kind of big brother and bringing a dark psyched-out touch which isn't that palpable on the album (in which he doesn't play). Baptiste is the perfect complement to Gaston's versatility, at times hard-hitting with a sick gnarliness, at others airy and contributing in their inducement to open your 3rd eye !!! The band seems to have significantly improved in six months, thanx to the enriching LIVE experiences and i can't help thinking that Ronan's coming can't be a coincidence to this statement too.

Yesterday's set was the 1st gig, launch of the new association "L'amicale du Fuzz" at Le Galion in Lorient, a nice pub who's already hosted Karma to Burn, The Grand Astoria and a bunch of  obscure international underground bands - including tonight the valorous trio BLACK RAINBOWS... The italians were presenting their new album "Holy Moon" which I think was almost played in its entirety, plus a couple of other old songs and a frantic cover... I'm not a big fan of this kind of stomping Stoner, nothing disagreeable but too quickly I feel the impression to have heard this so many times before ! This is heavy and powerful and the guys balls sweat after 2 songs but damn that's too predictable; I also felt  tired of hearing "motherfuckers" about 3 or 4 times between each song without the feeling of being given a harsh spanking at the same time, he!  so I left the pub for a while to smoke some brown with my usually hooded buddy, we just came back for the last song of the italians which is a wild cover of boogie rock'n roll ! 

Sure, the organization expected more people (we were just a little forty) but the evening was pretty cool in the end with good conditions and BRAIN PYRAMID (which as you understood I came most essentially for, that's why - by respect to Black Rainbows, I turned this into an article for B.P. rather than a live-report!) delivered an overwhelming performance - including for my greatest pleasure a couple of exciting new songs, their best to date in my opinion : "Lucifer Sunday Dinner" (check it on the video below, recorded in Bilbao -Spain-, there's a Doomy mood coupled with mindblowing accelerations which make it awesome) and "Livin' in Outer Space" -  thanx guys !  
Watch out for the breton trio for your next magic ride in psychedelia...

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