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                         AUTUMN DOOM QUIZ part IV

Here's the 4th and final chapter of this Autumn Doom Quiz by Aleks Evdokimov... This time you've got here no less than 12 bands to close this real tour de force of 40 interviews by the mad comrade!!!  

1. What is the band’s state at the moment? What kind of sinister affairs does the band plan to perform for autumn and the following months?
2. How did listeners and critics meet band’s last album?

3. "Paranoid" of Black Sabbath is an iconic song, what in this Earth can turn you paranoid?
4. Who was your childhood hero? What kind of dude did you want to become? 

5. Last TV-news reminds me about it – this question is about "War Pigs". What is your opinion about conflict around Syria? Do you see any reasons to justify military intervention of one country in affairs of another country?

Altar of Oblivion (Denmark, epic heavy / doom metal)
Martin Meyer Sparvath (guitars)

1. In August of 2013, I moved to the same town in which our rehearsals take place enabling us to rehearse on a more regular basis. For the first time in Altar of Oblivion history, we are actually “behaving” like a real band spending time arranging our tracks and in general giving the tracks the right treatment which we should have started a long time ago.
In other words, Altar of Oblivion are slowly transforming into a real band rather than a studio project. In many ways, I still feel we haven’t recorded anything as a full-blown band yet, but that will change in the future. I think this band has great potential but it has just taken us too long to figure it out and up till now, we haven’t been taken our role as musicians all too seriously.
In October, we are planning to record a two track 7” named “State of Decaythat will show the band from a slightly different angle. In November, we will embark on a European mini-tour with shows in Austria and Germany, and the band will experience its baptism of fire abroad to which we of course are looking forward.
In other terms, the band’s state at this present moment hasn’t been better.

2. In general, our 2012 full-length album “Grand Gesture of Defiance” was received very well and out of the about 55 reviews I have read thus far, only 3 of them have been negative. All in all, I was surprised to see the amount of positive reviews which looks very promising for future releases as we have learned a heal of a lot recording this album.

3. Yeah, you are right that “Paranoid” has turned into a Black Sabbath trademark song although, from a sheer songwriting point of view, I regard this track one of the less successful and interesting songs to come out of the Ozzy era. If I miss my daily injection of caffeine, I instantly become paranoid resulting in mood swings and stupid behavior.
Despite the fact that Altar of Oblivion consist of five completely different individuals coffee addiction is a common denominator within the band, and in many ways, the sole thing that keeps this entity from falling apart. Our bass player Coffee-Christian is the worst and most dedicated addict I have ever laid my caffeine-laden eyes on. As a matter of fact, he has travelled to many of the world’s coffee-producing countries in order to find the magical coffee bean that will set your body and mind free once and for all.

4. Actually, I didn’t have any childhood heroes and I still haven’t got any. As a kid, I mostly played on my own building sculptures of sand and plastic. I hated when other kids didn’t have the same insane vision than me. When I was little, I was examined by numerous doctors as my kindergarten teachers thought I suffered from some kind of mental disease because I went manic when I played marbles in the sand.
When I was a young boy my future dreams was to travel to the exotic places portrayed in the songs we sung in kindergarten. When I grew a little older, I found out that Jamaica wasn’t the kind of paradise the song “Vi danser hele natten på Jamaica” (We are dancing all night long in Jamaica) was telling about which left me disillusioned.
Also, after having watched numerous cheesy US flicks with locations in and around New York, I wanted to go to the States which to me was the so-called Promised Land. After having spent a week in The Big Apple in the summer of 2009, I’ve had more than enough of this chaotic city in which everybody seems to be running late all the time.
Put another way, it sucks growing up as one becomes wiser, haha.

5. I practically never watch the news as the media usually serves the same kind of bullshit every time I turn on the telly, meaning I haven’t paid attention to the Syrian conflict. All I know is that there has been some kind of unpleasant release of nerve gas hitting innocent civilians and now, the international society is trying to determine whether it was released by the Syrian regime or not.
In general, I think that people should mind their own business but when one stumbles upon injustice in some parts of the world, it can be necessary to intervene, I think. I hope they will not make the same mistakes once more like they did after September 11, 2001.

As Autumn Calls (Canada, death doom)
James (bass, vocals)

1. We are getting set to release our second full length album "Cold, Black & Everlasting" on October 25, 2013. Once the album is released we will return to our practice space and begin preparing for a small, intimate show. 

2. Our last album "An Autumn Departure" was met with a mixture of opinions. The album was never really meant to see the light of day. When it was eventually released it was in extremely limited quantities so it never really reached a wide audience. That album was written between 2005-2008 and a lot has changed for us since then. Anyway music for us is a very personal experience. It's kind of a cool thing that there is a small number of people out there that can relate and get something out of it. 

3. The lack of privacy on the Internet and smartphones. Knowing that a person, organization or government can spy on almost everything you do online. 

4. I can't speak for the rest of the band but growing up in Canada hockey has always been a big part of our lives. My personal hero as a kid was Doug Gilmour and I dreamed of playing in the NHL. Wasn't until I hit my teenage years that I really discovered music. 


Dormant Inferno (India, death doom)
Sunny Bhambri (guitars)

1. Dormant Inferno is very much active, reforming with new members after three years. We just played a gig yesterday! More gigs coming up. We recently got signed up on Transcending Obscurity India, so its a good time for us moving ahead. We are also releasing a split with an international band!

2. The response was surprisingly positive and encouraging to our EP In Sanity released in 2011, since specially in India its all about death, thrash, core the common genres of metal. We have had listeners from all parts of the work check our music out so its fantastic.

3. Bad music makes us paranoid!
4. Umm.. Tom G Warrior?
5.  Well each country is independent, don't see why any country would go peking its nose into another country's affairs.


Echthros (Poland, drone ambient)
Bartosz Frąckowiak (vocals and all instruments)

1. I'm recording material for the new album entitled "Шеолъ" (Sheol in Church-Slavonic). I plan to finish it till the end of winter. It will be in a same manner as first album - but with more orthodox chanting. I try to keep the balance between drone and dark ambient moments. The main concept of the album is fear of death and what's beyond it - presumably darkness, void, place of stillness - Sheol.

2. "Iyov" was met with very good reception. All of the reviews and comments I've read were very positive. I've met with lots of feedback from listeners and, which was a suprise for me, people that don't listen to music such as drone or dark ambient. I tried to aim with my album only to doom and dark ambient listeners, but it turned out that the audience of my music can be found in other places. I think that's great!

3. My wife! (she stands right beside me and I need to add it: just kidding!) :)

4. I can't seem to recall any specific hero of my childhood. Maybe from some TV cartoons but it was simply I liked them not that I wanted to become one of them. I've never thought of my long-term future when I was little. Heck, I was a kid that ran around the yard, walked on trees - didn't have time to think who I wanted to be!


Elliott’s Keep (USA, progressive doom metal)
Jonathan (guitars)

1. All is well with Elliott’s Keep! We have recently completed the recording of our third full-length album, Nascentes Morimur.  We are well-pleased with all of the new songs and look forward to the album’s release to the world very soon.  Those few who have heard the new material echo our own excitement about it.  The new album is nine heavy songs of metal doom that will not disappoint.  

2. Our second album, Sine Qua Non, was well received in reviews and by listeners.  We greatly appreciate the support and kind words that we have received regarding those songs.

3. Black Sabbath is truly an iconic band and a major influence on us.  While I would not say that any of us in Elliott’s Keep are particularly paranoid about any subject, we do have a deep respect and appreciation for the music of Black Sabbath. 

4. My childhood heroes tended to be adults within my own personal sphere.  It was not until I became older that I came to find musical and professional heroes and mentors.  On the guitar front, I would list John Perez, Tony Iommi, Jeff Hanneman and Jon Schaffer as significant influences. 

5. As a band, we try to stay out of political discussions because of the intense and diverse feelings that accompany those subjects.  I will say that, personally, I do not know any person who supports involvement in the Syrian domestic issues.


Horse Latitudes (Finland, doom metal)
Harri (drums, vocals)

1. Given the release of our latest record “Black Soil” in June (both as vinyl and cassette tape on Doomentia Records), the UK tour in July and being confirmed for the next year’s Roadburn festival, I’m really excited about where the band is at the moment. At this very moment we’re working with a release of the split record to be announced later…

2. Besides the published reviews it’s always hard to tell what listeners think about the music you do unless you have a chance to talk with them in person. We’ve never been a band that every critic praises or anything, and the reviews of “Black Soil” have been quite like as with the previous albums. Some like it, some don’t. And that’s as it should be I think. I’m not into pleasing everyone, yet I’m delighted to see more people “getting” the band slowly, album after album. As the music of Horse Latitudes evolves through the organic process of the living visions enfleshed, also the recognition by some of the continuity between the music we’ve done and what we’re doing is of course gratifying.
 Horse Latitudes jgb

3. I don’t know if “being paranoid” is the right expression, but from a very young age I’ve had moments (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer) of hanging in between the worlds, or dimensions perhaps, looking into the infinities beyond the everyday life and the present, sensed world around us. Those moments can both fascinate and terrify, especially when you start to doubt the things you see and things you thought you “knew”, but above all they’ve been one of the main reasons keeping on the fire burning, keeping me on my quest trying to really understand and feel the world as a whole, with all its unspeakable and hidden forms and meanings.

4. Does the hero have to be a dude? When I was a child I had lots of heroes both fictive and factual, and so it’s quite impossible to start naming the most important of them. But I’ve never had an idea that I should be locked in the narrow conception of being either masculine or feminine and having ideals of such, so through my life I’ve had heroes both male and female. In my childhood I really loved different kinds of stories and tales of characters overcoming their difficulties and troubled conditions, or ones with supernatural qualities, were they of a spiritual or physical nature. The same went with many bizarre and misfit creatures, being alienated from the “normal” world by some of their extraordinary and dark features as I had a strong feeling of not quite belonging wherever I was.  At my early teenage I found myself being fascinated by the arts, trying to reach and expand the boundaries of the perception and especially I got attracted in the mystical, psychedelic and surreal forms of art but also the spiritual side of practicing them. I wanted to become an artist of a kind!

5. I don’t feel I’ve got the needed information about the situation there to be strongly against or for anything, but I’m very skeptical about the motives of any military interventions, as so many times it has been shown how it’s essentually the aim to profit that drives such acts… Though I’m not a nationalist in a way thinking that every country should do their own dirty laundry, but instead I actually think that for example when talking about the problems with environmental issues there are essentially universal obligations we need to take care of, regardless the borders  and differences between countries. But like said, I don’t think I’m aware enough of the things going on around Syria to be strongly opinioned about it.

Mahakala (Greece, stoner doom)
Jim Kotsis (bass, vocals)

1. We are currently spending some significant amount of time on the road, by touring Greece (mostly) and promoting our latest album “Devil's Music” while at the same time composing -slowly and steadily- new material for our upcoming release. If we find the budget needed, we'll definitely depart for a European tour on the forthcoming winter but we also want to be able to release our next album until the end of 2014. It's not like we're in a rush, but now that we're on the run, it's a good opportunity for things to move forward!

2. Can't complain! Reviews by the international press were awesome (we scored an average of 8/10 ratings) and the feedback we're getting both from the internet and while on the road is overwhelmingly positive. We opened for all kinds of bands this year (from black metal to stoner rock acts) and all crowds seemed satisfied, even enthusiastic about our sound and performance. We sold a lot of items too, which is important, since this is the band's main income!

3. Ingratitude is the worst quality of a human being and it can really turn me paranoid in zero time.

4. My parents were always my heroes, mostly because of the way they raised me. They were understanding and supportive in everything I did and as a metalhead, I did a lot of things that drove them mad through the years! Hahaha! If I ever become a parent, I definitely want to be like them. As far as musicians are concerned, I've always been an admirer of the playability and musicianship of bass players such as Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler, Steve Harris, Geddy Lee and John Entwistle, but I never really idolized any of my childhood heroes, or even wanted to be like them. I always wanted to be me and it seems like I achieved it after all.

5. Being in war with other human beings always seemed both stupid and sad to me. Despite the fact that the human species disappoints me day-by-day, I still haven't lost my faith in it. I always believed that us, people, can achieve a lot if we work together, as one, but most of us don't seem to be understanding that. The whole Syria situation, just like every other similar case, is a game of the world-leaders that benefits the few. Just like Black Sabbath say in “War Pigs”, we're just “pawns in chess”. Oh lord yeah!


Marble Chariot (France, doom metal)
Nicolas Eymerich (guitars)

1. We are currently working on new songs for the recording of our first album that we hope  record next summer. In addition of this we will release a split cd with cult French band Northwinds what we are very proud of. This split will include a new song from each group and mean marble an important step. Expect to twenty minutes of pure fucking crushing doom anthems. This output will be an opportunity for me to present my Nadsokor Records label named in honor of the Elric Saga by Michael Moorcock and   underrrated Cirith Ungol band, a fantastic and super original band. As for the album's release, I prefer to take my time and get a beautiful vinyl.

2. The reviews were generally very good when you consider that we recorded our 3 songs while we had only one year of existence. It is important to note that our EP reviewers  were made by people possessed by the devouring heaviness of Doom metal. Therefore, the criticisms made against us were very much relevant. We were aware about it and those who listened too. Beyond all that, I'm happy that people were very receptive to the dark and desperate atmosphere of our music.

3. To start and at the risk of offending some, I think paranoid is one of the worst songs of Black Sabbath. To return to your question several things can make me paranoid but it seems to me that this state of mind is the result of decisions and mistakes made by the western world. a race to consumption, dependence on alcohol and drugs of all kinds, the instability of the world of work and family, the domination of the Almighty individual instead of community life and to finish extremely perverse game of political and media while serving the interests of a few oligarchs blurs truth to better control us. Everything is done so that we lose our bearings   so be paranoid is a sort of defense system against outside aggressions. As you can see i'm fuckin' paranoid.

4. Like all kids, I guess, my father, but I was terribly disappointed. As a youngster I identified with Dave Mustaine. The discovery of his music has been a revolution for me. This was the beginning of my consuming passion for heavy music. Before that I wanted to become a professional footballer and especially goalkeeper. I was fascinated by the exploits of Lev Yashine, Walter Zenga and Peter Schmeichel among others.

5. Indeed, there is no reason for there to be a military intervention in Syria. Then we can see that there is a real desire to destroy the Arab world as a whole. Under the banner of human rights and the protection of civil populations, civil war in Syria is part of the agenda of the American Zionist axis to sit his domination in the region. By using cultural, religious, tribal, ethnic tensions, western and Israeli forces are trying to dismantle the last countries that are not under control of the powerful Zionist empire. After arming the so-called opponents of the regime of Bashar al-Assad that are actually for most mercenaries and seeing their imminent defeat, the axis decided to get involved militarily. We saw the overacting reactions of french and britain  gourvenements which enjoined the population to enter the conflict regardless of the decision of the Security Council of the UN. Good example of democracy. But the world is no longer unilateral, demonstrated by the diplomatic role played by russia and Vladimir Poutine, military intervention is proving very difficult. We can rejoice, but for how long time ?

Mournful Congregation (Australia, funeral doom)
Damon Good (vocals, bass, guitars)

1. We are about to begin rehearsing our new material after a few months break from rehearsing. Although we've all been busy in our own time working on certain other aspects of the band. Our plans at this stage are way too sinister to divulge I'm afraid.

2. Seems to have been received well enough. Some have said it's our best album. Not too much negative appraisal.

3. Being thrust into a human vessel at birth, not knowing how or why. Being surrounded by other human vessels in the same situation. Detaching from your ego center and realizing you are not really just a human vessel. Pondering this shit can get you pretty paranoid.

4. There was a few. Before Angus Young, Mr T was pretty cool. Also George Trosley and Shawn Kerry from Cartoons magazine were influential as I wanted to be a cartoonist. And Bob Haro when I wanted to be a freestyle BMX dude. This was before I got a guitar I guess.

5. Pretty certain in all such cases there is some underlying agenda other than what we are told. It's pretty obvious. Chemical weapons are not cool but drone strikes are?! Don't all weapons involve chemicals these days? I don't buy it, or anything else these "leaders" say.

Sons of Tonatiuh (USA, sludge doom)
Dan Caycedo (vocals, guitars)

1. Just got back from a Northwest tour of the states. Later in October we're playing with our friends, Cheap Art, at a local show. Other than that we're back to the grindstone of writing new material for our next album in 2014.

 2. Overall it was better than the reviews we received for our first album. But honestly, who even reads any of that stuff?

3. You mean, what on this Earth? Probably paying taxes I guess. Nothing much else surprises me.

4. Clint Eastwood. I want to become the man that my father never was. Someone who gives a shit about their kids. I've got a nine year old girl who looks up to me. She is the center of my life. After not seeing her for almost a week and a half we hung out all day yesterday, went to the park, watched a movie, read some books together, made her dinner... basic kid stuff. I pity people that don't understand how to connect with their own kids. This is probably the main reason for me playing such hateful music though. I enjoy playing the stuff that we do but it stems from a dark place in my life that I cannot let go.

5. No.

Suffer Yourself (Ukraine, funeral death doom)
Stanislav Govorukha (all instruments and vocals)

1. Currently we are gathering Evil Legions to devastate this planet. No mercy!
Honestly, we are making great job around our upcoming first release "Inner Sanctum". And I'm also working with newer material which will be much more evil and crushing.

2. What? Any survivors detected?
All I have now - only opinions about demo release, which have some mixing\mastering issues. In general, critics met it warmly and marked my project as "promising".

3. No comments.

4. Cthulhu of course!

5. Suffer Yourself haven't any opinion about any political stuff. We are not related with such subjects in any way. All gonna die sooner or later, that's all what I want to say about it...


Switchblade Jesus (USA, sludge stoner)
Eric Calvert (guitars)

1. Very head forward and ready to take on the world one dirty riff at a time, under a few circumstances we have slimmed down as a band but we feel it works better this way as we feel tighter as a unit. It might catch a few off guard but have a GREAT responses on it. We just got signed with Bilocation Records who is going to put out our first release on vinyl by the end of the year. We love the quality that comes from them and honored to be on a great label with the likes of Lonely Kamel, Sons of Otis, The Heavy Eyes, Toner Low, Valley of the Sun and alot others. Have alot of huge plans and have been offered to play some rad festivals next year that we can't wait for. Also have a split in the works with Buzzard out of Canada and another in talks.

2. Amazingly well! We've gained so many fans after the release, especially overseas. All reviews that have come out have been extremely well even some like Ripple proposing one of the tracks best song of the year. Really glad on the reception on this album and already working on the next one. Within days of it's release we were contacted from Bilocation and this last month we've talked to two other labels interested in the next guess they liked this one. Bandcamp has been extremely useful in promoting it and also selling cd's (soon vinyl as well) so much we're out of cd's and have to get another batch on the way.

3. Rain when we have to move gear in the bed of the truck .... and also the sold out of beer sign. Don't like that one at all.

4. Everyone that sweat and bled for there goals, one's who busted their ass for years playing for 3 people and never gave up, one's that no one said they could do it and in turn became one of the greatest. Also my father ........ and Batman. See previous answer for this question.

5. We could sit here for hours on this but no, in my opinion we should not be in this civil war, it's their war not ours. Did they come to our side during America's civil war? No....cause it was a war with ourselves. Though they should drop off Axel Rose to sing "Civil War" to the people of Syria, that could help.

Yama (Netherlands, psychedelic doom stoner)
Alex Schenkels (vocals)

1. We’re in a blissful state! But that’s because, in spite of metal/satan etc. our album is recorded and we’re working on mix/master. So well, that’s an important thing we’re up to currently. Next to that we’re planning new shows around the globe (especially Holland :P) and planning some more shows. Some songwriting is done ofcourse, and maybe after this new album that’s coming up (hopefully released in the end of 2013) we’ll hit the studio another time.

2. We got some really nice reviews! Stating that we offer heavy riffage, great songwriting and show a ton of promise! Hopefully our new release will gather even more positivity.

3. Hahaha! People coming to you after a show stating that our material really sounds like Rammstein or Nickelback! What the fuck mate! If you want to freak me out, make these kind of comparisons. The worst one was at a show in Utrecht. Our drummer and guitarplayer were at the loo, while two guys came in and started talking about our show (they didn’t release 50% of the band was present at that time). They described us as a lame band, mixing Nickelback with folk metal. For Satan sake!!!

4. The Dude. The Dude.

5. Pfjiew. (On a personal note, not the official band statement) First of all: why did the international community/UN respond this late? Of course, using chemical weapons is for itself monstrous, dehumanizing. But violence on a large scale was already taking place the last few years.

But I think it’s not that wrong that the international community tries it the diplomatic way. Even more blood would be shed with an intervention. Besides, do you know whose the bad guy? Is that so evident? And if you know, will your actions make it better for Syrian citizens? (woman, children etc.) I don’t say an intervention is not an option. But somehow I’m glad that the international community called a halt to the quite impulsive militaristic statement of the US . I hope the inspection of chemical weapons and stringent restrictions and observation will help. But this is not enough. To be continued…

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