Friday, August 31, 2012

"Our Failures Become Us" - IMPIA

 Impia is a 3 piece Drone/Doom band based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. After over a year since their first release, they have just put out a second EP entitled "Our Failures Become Us", including three songs for over 30 minutes of Drone that take mainly influences in Sunn O))) and Buried at Sea.

"This album was forged in fires of ever-burning regret and cooled in waters of deep seated anquish. Feelings of overwhelming disgust for self and species fuels this lethargic, ongoing movement towards extinction. This album reflects the carnage that rages inside and out of everything breathing and that will eventually consume us all."

This is how this (instrumental) band sets up suitably the scenery of this devastatinlgy crushing affair. I'm not much aware about Drone and its different nuances, eventually sub-genres, but, along with this strong anchorage in bleakness and despondency, I feel cool that the band isn't too much in the noisy vein of the genre ! Of course this is extremely monolithic but low-tuned guitars, droning drums and headiness don't mean here a constant and quickly irritating wall of noise.
Even if I obviously know that this is something specific to Drone, to my ears the only downfall of this ep is that the build-ups can last a little too long (2 songs clock at 13 minutes)... something that should not prevent the real fans of the genre to get easily into this nice band ;)

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