Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Small Stone Rds make their revolution on Bandcamp : huge Sampler + new WO FAT available !

There is now tons and tons of music on the Small Stone Band Camp page... And, by the end of the week,  the entire SSR catalog will be available on there (on streaming or downloadable at various prices...) !!!

As for now, there's already cool stuff available, starting by "Small Stone Jukeboxxx" : an awesome sampler of all the artists, past and present, from the Small Stone Records catalog, including GREENLEAF, BACKWOODS PAYBACK, GIDEON SMITH and The Dixie Damned, BRAIN POLICE, ROADSAW, DOZER, SONS OF OTIS, ACID KING, SASQUATCH, RED GIANT, DIXIE WITCH, etc...

Add presently to this, 3 new releases (available physically in Oct/Nov) from WO FAT "The Black Code", 
LARMAN CLAMOR "Frogs" and LORD FOWL "Moon Queen"...


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