Saturday, August 18, 2012

"The Last Bow" SATELLITE BEAVER ep review

Out from Warsaw (Poland), here come SATELLITE BEAVER with their new Ep "The Last Bow"...
With this 4 songs release, fans of thick and burning Stoner will find in here all they could wish for, but what is pretty cool and rare is that they will be also bluffed by the way those guys introduce  various 90's influences... and not just KYUSS ! 
If they like it Rock'n roll and groovy like on "Way Before" or fuzzy and sabbathian ("Urania"), the general approach is percussive and massive and one can indeed hear also some early Marylin Manson, Girls Against Boys and Ministry in those catchy vocals as well as some more dissonance and an almost martial heaviness surrounding with the guitars.  Several quieter moments also show a very solid vocal work towards something fairly melodic and a bit melancholic which can then make think about Alice in Chains !
Nothing that can disconcert at all in this variety of  references, beleive me this remains always homogeneous and is constantly caracterized above all by heaviness and massiveness :)
The last song "Roadtrip", which seems to constitute what the band actually intend to play precisely in the future, has a nice menacing tone mixed with some more refined hints as well as gloomy headiness; a damn complete masterpiece to end this too-short 20 minutes effort.
We'll see where this will lead them but I'm confident about this band's future, they've got a strong potencial and  yet a pretty personnal style, that will be matured undoubtedly for their forthcoming album but is already perfectly apted for memorable Live performances... Support this wild beaver !

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