Tuesday, August 14, 2012

let's take a far-out journey with NAAM's "the Ballad of the Starchild"...

It took me a little while to get it, but being in Paris last week, I took the opportunity to buy a few goodies that I missed over the past months, including this new ep from NY's Psychedelic monsters NAAM...
After their excellent debut album released in 2009, it could seem a bit strange to put out just an ep, almost 3 years have passed, maybe the guys felt it that way to let their fans progressively "digest" their rather outstanding evolution before a new album. It's not that the task is tricky but we've got here something that needs -in my opinion- to be in a particular state of mind to fully get into... but believe me, whatever you need to reach it (maybe nothing special at all and that's cool for you), this is then a pretty memorable experience !
There's still 5 songs  for about 27 minutes, including 2 short ones as kind of msytical interludes... The album already revealed a pronounced affection for eery and psychedelic moments while being pretty obscure, dense and heavy which still placed them not far the Stoner category; but now with "the Ballad of the Starchild", NAAM entered another dimension and definitely left the normal Stoner planet for some of the most incredibly spacey and vintage Psychedelic Rock you would ever expect from a modern band.
This starts with the Floydesque "Sentry of Skies" which quickly shows that the band introduces larger musical parts in its music to enhance hypnotic moods; the introduction of Johnny Weingarten as 4th member on lead organ and electric piano is obviously connected to this and considerably values the feeling to be embarked in an intergalactic journey, sweet, uncertain, voluptuous... 
"Lands Unknown" and the masterful "The Starchild" are both the cornerstones of this release, not forgetting some occasionnal fuzziness and always enough heavy to remind that if those guys are enough talented to make you feel completely away with  their epic, dramatical and stargazing dimension, they basically still remain as Sonic purveyors of heavy sounds !!!
NAAM is the kind of band that helps you to disconnect, to improve in your quest of inner quietness, to reach unknown lands of obscurity and imagination... As Tee Pee rds says it "The Ballad of the Starchild" is the perfect accompaniement for "exploring inner space and imagining outer space." Now I wish they won't be too long to release a full new album !
Shit do I need a visit to the closest pyschoterapist or some more NAAM to help me reach the stars and pacify my brain, so fucking often tormented by all those belowers that bore me to death ? no need to tell you that I choose those guys which are some of the best therapists in the actual scene ;)
Listen and watch that video below and be sure that this ep is essential in your 2012 discography... Peace \m/

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