Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"The Serpent's Redemption" BOMBS OF HADES

Ok, I know that last post was concerning a Black Metal band and now this one is about a DM one, while T.O.P. is a DOOM blog, but this time it's just PULVERISED records fault... he he he !!!
I can't say that I blindly praise everything that this asian label is releasing but I must reckon that most of their stuff deserve interest (just remember about Bastard Priest, Graveyard and Impiety for the past months...) and this sophomore album by Swedish hordes BOMBS OF HADES makes no exception to their amazing evergrowing catalogue of old school Death Metal bands.
If there's mostly references to old bands like Entombed, Carnage, Autopsy and some Crust acts like Discharge or Anti-Cimex when speaking about Bombs Of Hades... one should before all know that those guys are all experimented musicians with a long background in the scene, especially from the early days, judge by yourselves about some of their older bands : Macabre End/God Macabre, Aboth, The Crown, Tribulation (not the actual one but an excellent old swedish band that released a great album 20 years ago on Black Mark; I had the pleasure to interview them in my old zine In My Veins, a rather thrashy and assuredly classy band but maybe too ahead of its time)... if you know perfectly well the history of the swedish DM Scene, this gives you a positive overlook about their serious abilities to catch the real essence of this brutally raw sound.
I feel there's not that many Crust influences here compared to the first album... Of course  this is still very straight, rough and brutal but globally not as primitive and filthy I would say; nothing too sweetened at all though, it's just that it has its more refined moments which avoid any too quick "yet heard" feeling.
Like for exemple on the memorable title track "the Serpent's Redemption" and its epic, almost oriental touches, pronounced but subtle, a bit like Necros Christos or Melechesh. It's very heady, kind of enchanting and venomous at the same time and as a 4th track is a perfect "lull" after the ripping deluge of chainsaw riffing that contain the 3 first songs.  
In a different way but still more nuanced and hypnotizing than their usual basis, there's also the long last song "Scortched Earth" with a slow, haunting mood which confirms the band's evolution towards something more personnal, while it still ends in an avalanche of tsunamic violence !!!
I wouldn't say like sometimes that this is the way I expect them to follow exclusively, cause I fucking dig this lacerating DM which those swedish bands have invented back in the day and that the band reproduces here in the greatest tradition, but I  feel it's good to alternate with slower, deeper moments and BOMBS OF HADES perfectly succeeded to make this new album enough diversified to please all generations of Swedish DM lovers :)


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