Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Teaser of the new album "Deceived Idealism" from FUNERALIUM

5 years after the 1st self-titled album, FUNERALIUM is back with "Deceived Idealism"...
More ferocious than before, driven by hate and disgust, the 5 doomed brethren of FUNERALIUM unleash their hatred with a heaviness and a might more impressive than ever.
Clocking at 88 minutes, "Deceived Idealism" is relentless, bleak and crushing. This complex monolith of EXTREME DOOM has trodden new paths, drawing its influences from Doom Metal and old-school Black Metal, but also filthy death metal and dark metal passages.
FUNERALIUM hasn't limited itself to a particular sub-genre but has drunk from the darkest and fierciest chalices of extreme metal.
Still featuring Marquis' unique and sickening vokills, Berzerk'r diabolical guitar intricacies, the band now also displays the 2 complementary basses of Asmael & Charlesward which pummel the senses and the gnawing punishing drums of ADKshN.
With a dozen concerts, the cohesion of the band -like a live Leviathan- is undeniable.

"Deceived Idealism" will be released at in October on 2CDs by WEIRDTRUTH and on DLP this Fall by OSTRA RECORDS. A limited "die hard version" will also be available through OSTRA RECORDS exclusively.

Come taste on Youtube a teaser of "Deceived Idealism" and discover the new mefitic sound of FUNERAL

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