Monday, August 13, 2012

"Note to Nod" by BLACK TAR PROPHET

Like their buddies of Brother Ares recently featured here, BLACK TAR PROPHET comes from Nashville (TN) and is a duo too, consisting in Greg Swinehart (Percussion) and Mark Owen (Guitar/Noise) but their style is pretty different on this "Note to Nod".
This debut effort includes only one song of 42 minutes, just about the length of a gig... so if you actually get the chance to see them live, I think you should have undoubtely the full album played !!!
Raw, dirty and heady, the instrumental duo plays a weedy and fuzzy mix of Sludge and Drone with regular (but not too omnipresent)  obscure vocal samples and hammering feedback; those guys do not bring anything special to the genre but they succeed to create in that long song a very catchy atmosphere : intense, punishing at times but mostly infectious and insidiously bubbling. Surprisingly, this ends in a very peaceful way with accoustic guitars, just as if a lighter landing was needed after such a crushing, chaotic and mind altering journey ! 
I doubt the fact of just having a song per album is a pre-etablished rule for B.T.P., so it'll be interesting to follow them and see how they'll evolute on next effort. As for now this unrelenting "Note to Nod" must be definitely played LOUD and will for sure interest fans of Bongripper, Electric Wizard and Weedeater ! The CD is available on their FB site or at shows but also on Itunes/spotify/lastfm, check it out...

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