Monday, August 13, 2012

"don't Bother Getting up..." by THE OUTLAWS OF ZEN ep review

Back to work today after cool holidays :( ok my boss wasn't there but there was still lots of things to do, without any motivation... so, among all the stuff I've received during the past weeks, I wanted to choose something pretty stirring, heavy of course but also kind of  entertaining to help me for that long looooong day of work, far from wife, kids and sun; I worked briefly on the subject yesterday evening and thought that THE OUTLAWS OF ZEN would be a good challenger !!!
Well, the day has been long but holy shit I would have yet hung myself if this awesome HEAVY RIFF Rock band wouldn't have helped me so brillantly in this infernal struggle against my actual distress at work with their debut ep "Don't Bother Getting Up, We'll Let Ourselves In" (5 songs for about 20 minutes). 
I know you've certainly yet read what follows in other blogs - I don't practise many other ones but I've seen it also retranscripted in the excellent The Sludgelord !- but how Korey (guit) presents his band is so well-thought and fitting to what you can EXACTLY expect from the band, that believe this is not just simple easiness to let him describe how TOOZ sounds : 

"We are The Outlaws of Zen a heavy riff based rock band from corn fields of Auburn (Mi) heart of the Tri Cities.  Saginaw with the nation leading murder per capita rate, Bay City’s old boy’s network, heavy drinking, and fear of the future, and Mayberry er' Midland the land of unicorns, rainbow Kool Aid, and nothing bad can happen here. Formed in early 2011 TOOZ fuse high intensity rock n roll and working class frustration.  The riff is king, but the song is the kingdom.  Brutal yet jazzy drumming, clever satirical lyrics, thundering and meandering bass, and tasteful guitar fills all attribute to our heaviness through intensity approach.  Largely influenced by the 70’s obscure rock underground but tempered through the band members' time in metal, retro, hard rock, blues, jazz, and acoustic bands.  The result is our 1st EP “Don’t Bothering Getting Up, We’ll Let Ourselves In”. "

Then ? this EP is simply DELIGHTFUL :) a real masterpiece of heaviness and intense groove, sharp and raced, a bit in the vein of King Giant like on the anthemic "Pornstache (the Ballad of Thunderlips Johnson)", the kind of song that can gather fans from all kind of massive and heavy Metal'n roll sounds !!! It's nice to discover such a young band,taking influences in the 70's Heavy Rock and applying tightfully its best reciepes with  extremely catchy riffs and such a good amount of power and heaviness that if you intend to drink a beer while listening to them, you're warned to have at least half of it lost cause of uncontrolable headbanging !!!
This is burning stuff that is HIGHLY recommended, enjoy this "name your price" affair right NOW \m/

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