Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Threshing the Golden Fields" THENN ep review

T.O.P. is usually not a blog featuring any Black Metal bands, but rules are made to be transgressed and here's an exception with THENN from Indiana (USA) which released their debut ep "Threshing the Golden Fields" the 1st of this month.
Aside DOOM and its subgenres, I know that some of you readers are opened to more brutal sounds : most importantly Death and Black Metal, not forgetting a bit of Crust sometimes at breakfast !!! 
THENN enters in the BM category, playing fast and brutal stuff with that early 90's Darkthrone punishing and epic northern rage but also some slight hints of filthy Crust. Honestly this is not really my cup of tea when it's full out Black stuff, I'm not at all in a state of mind that tolerates those often too linear brutal sounds but I feel that THENN could be worth of interest for fans of the genre...
Yet, out of 5 songs there's a few slowed down tempos in "They Are Given to the Inviting Earth", through a nice doomy introduction and  also in "Threshing the Golden Fields" which shows an interesting development in the moods variation, from menacing and hauting to hateful... This last song is the most interesting and I wish this would be a direction to follow !
This is a FREE Downloadable EP; so in this period of intense heat, give this a chance and  refresh your body with cold northern hate ;)

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