Friday, November 23, 2012

... BARABBAS live 11/17/2012 including new song "le Couteau ou l'Abime" !!!

To start your week-end ultimately, let's enjoy a few videos from BARABBAS latest gig in Savigny le Temple (last week end, 17th Nov.)... You got the point now when I tell you how awesome is this band in LIVE conditions ?!!!
Doom and Stoner Fans, bloggers, radioshow programmers, bookers, gig organizers... everyone, listen and support BARABBAS !!!

                                                La question de Pilate (intro) / Horizon Gologtha

                                                     Le Couteau ou l'Abime"


                                                 Next celebration at D.O.P. VI

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  1. Méga thanx, Magister ! J'espère que le nouveau morceau te plaît !