Friday, November 30, 2012

... ORTEGA "A Flame Never Rises On Its Own"

A little more than two years have passed since Ortega attracted positive attention with their surprisingly strong debut 1634, which united sluggish doom metal riffing and raw sludge in a unique sound, including plenty of fresh ideas.
After some delays over the last months, the dutch quartet from Groningen can now finally present new material in the form of a comprehensive EP, called A Flame Never Rises On Its Own. Although there is certainly continuity with their previous work, A Flame Never Rises on its own takes full advantage of the EP format by intensifying their efforts and delivery. And even though there are only three songs, they are expansive without seeming to be spread too thin on this abbreviated release.

A Flame Never Rises On Its Own: Three songs, each one displaying a unique character, but merge together into a single body of work.

Released by Badger Records

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