Saturday, November 10, 2012

... Fans of YOB, dig this : SNAILKING "Samsara" !!!

From the fertile ground of Sweden comes SNAILKING, a young trio from Kalmar that writhes between the cosmic complexities of psychedelic rock and the shuffling, gritty groove of sludge/doom. Drawing influences from sonic wizards such as YOB, Sleep and Electric Wizard, Snailking truly live up to their name on their first effort “Samsara”, by churning out snail-paced, colossally heavy riffs that could easily open cracks in the thickest walls.

With only three songs extending past the ten-minute point, “Samsara” is a finely crafted and captivating piece of trippy fuzz-metal that’s is well worth a look for anyone who enjoys the twisted and dense sounds of YOB, Ufomammut and Rwake.
Karl Jonas Wijk- Drums
Frans Levin- Bass
Pontus Ottosson- Guitar/Vocals


If you dig YOB's latest album "Atma", you should then like this new swedish band... This is a 1st recording and of course needs some maturation regarding this very pronounced influence (too pronounced or just enough ? make your own opinion) but there's that something which let expect a lot from this tasty Snailking in the future !

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