Wednesday, November 7, 2012

... KAYROS "Tierras Infertiles"

After At Devil Dirt presented here a few months ago, here's another Chilean band that deserves your particular attention : KAYROS (eternal time).
Coming from Concepcion in the south of the country and founded in late 2006 by Nacho (vocals/guit), Corn (guit/vocals), Leo Mantis (drums), Pancho (bass) and Claudia who's dedicated to psychedelic visuals, they recorded their first LP in 2009 entitled "pozo negro" (downloadable HERE).
After having toured regularly in their home country and Argentina, they entered the studio again at the end of last year to record some new stuff that is now available under the form of a double Album called "Tierras Infertiles"... (yes DOUBLE, for a sonic journey of about 85 minutes !).
Even if I've only listened rather briefly to their debut, it is obvious that this new effort is a big step forward in terms of composition and production work too. Way more heavier and darker in its overall, the band practise here a nice form of Stoner Rock, most often based on heavy mid-tempos but skillfully driven either by fuzziness, psychedelism and even grungey times... One can hear alternatively influences in Kyuss, Soundagrden, Sleep, Black Sabbath and some 70's stuff too like Pink Floyd or Blue Cheer enhancing lysergic instrumental parts !
Just as for  other actual interesting bands from South America singing in their own language  like Cultura Tres, Banda de la Muerte or Dragonauta, vocals in spanish are a real asset... nothing exotic to expect from them, they accentuate nicely emotions and variations in tempo-changes
It's really sad then to know that Corn (guit) died recently in a tragic accident, but this release, showing all his tightness and amazing sense of composition, will make him justice as a talented musician and leave him at the pantheon of S.A. Stoner, rip man ... The band seems to be firmly decided to continue the adventure and I think this is a wise decision cause if this album gets some support from Europe, KAYROS has enough potencial to make big things around this part of this fucking globe like Cultura Tres actually is !
Give this an attentive listen and support those guys, you won't regret it...
If they're ok with that, you'll certainly read more about KAYROS here in the near future ...;)

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